27 April 2010

Monday started great for me. No blues mode in the air. But towards evening, peacefulness was grabbed away by some moron guy.

Ugh I can't imagine a guy being so heartless. Period. I don't feel like sharing the stupidity he had done; I hope u understand my feeling when I said I was totally pissed off up to the point I screamed at him.

Well, upon being informed by 1 of my staff; I took some time to calm myself down. I even had this Q&A session between the logic side of MY brain & the melodramatic side of my feeling. Topic being; should I or should I not just say what's the heart tells me to. Being overly emotional won't do any good to me because showing what I feel towards brainless dumbass guy like him; will only make me look stupid.

After taking my own sweet time...I confronted the guy a.k.a 1 of my staff at the cafe. Asked him few relevant Qs before I decided to raise my voice to a few notes higher than the original pitch. I said something in 1 breathe before turning my back & walked away.

"Lain kali guna otak kalau mau buat apa2. Tu binatang bukan manusia yang ada akal. Lain kalau ko pun macam dorang. Kucing binatang kesayangan Nabi; ingat kalau Allah turunkan bala bukan ko jak yang kena. Pakai la akal yang dibagi, baru orang tau ko manusia." *index finger constantly pointing the side of the head*

Sarcasm wasn't the idea though I might sound a bit like. Perhaps I chose to not practice the idea anymore. Spitting out whatever u feel like while anger is in the midst of ruling the mind...will only make u look ugly. And the ugliness last for lifetime. Trust me...regret is the last thing u wanna meet in the future. Say whatever u feel like when u're angry & the speech u made will haunt u for rest of ur life. Scary!!

Even though I managed to hold my tongue from cursing or swearing...I did feel like slapping my face for screaming. Harus atas kewarasan yang ada suara adalah dikontrol untuk jaga pride. Geram gila!

Luckily it's nearly 5pm at that time hence no brainwash session takes place. Need to get rid of the traffic congestion...gue perlu beredar pulang sepantas mungkin dong. Membawa sekali rasa geram.

As for today...I'll be having dinner with MY old friends back in UiTM. CikYang is here with the husband & lil Adam. Its been a year since I last printed my trademark on him. Yay...will be meeting Dana's lil bundle of joy as well. Harus suka sebab akan ada ramai kanak2. Also berjumpa kawan lama.

2 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

sorry x tebalas last msg ko smlm..sa tetidur... sbb d night b4, dekat jam 2 tingu cerita vampire.. and i din c any post about last nite "incident".. ngeeeee~~~~

BibiEr Karim said...

*blush* no worries sy tau ko bersinta sma vampire these past few days.
Last nite incident will be documented this evening. Tunggu ya. Ngeh~~

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