22 April 2010

Holla readers...

I am sleepy I wanna hire someone to drive Kens & send me home. I have reduce my coffee consumption since last week. I guess that explain the sudden weariness & laziness huh. Ohoo this time I won't let myself lose to such situation. Perjuangan mesti diteruskan.

This morning, masuk ofis a bit late. Alkisah, an old friend from high school came down to KK. Met her over breakfast @IP Cafe, Gaya Street. It would have been merrier if the rest join her. sigh how time flies. Semua pun sekarang busy with their own life. But luckily we managed to keep in touch...thanks to technology.

I wish the rest would have the chance to come down here...I so wanna show them the beautiful of this land below the wind. Specially to dear Salbear whom; like moi enjoyed the magnificient view of sunset & the highlands. Ndak papa kengkawan, there will still be time for us to reunite di bumi KK ni. Insya Allah.

As for tonight...I might be somewhere in Tg. Aru with this Puchong friend of mine. Pijah ialah orang Puchong; hence the signature name. Sekian.

And macam ada perasaan mau join her to Kundasang tomorrow. Damn, why does the cafe has to operate on Friday? Erm Boss, can I take the EL tomorrow & the day after? Or close the cafe for only 2 days? Dusyum...pingsan Bungsu dengar idea bongek aku.

I so miss the misty air there. Like; bolehkah pasang angan2 mau cari rumah & stay sana.

Chenta hati; please take note on this ya.

3 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

chenta hati? u owe me an explanation!

BibiEr Karim said...

Ngeh will update u on that. Bukan sy lupa ko ah, but sy xmo kacau mode exam study smart play hard ko. ~~~miss u~~~

Ernie Khairina said...

huhuhu ba~

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