21 April 2010

Erk...I'm on the verge of insanity. Like...boleh kah aku bom Perod*a.

Miss Kens was sent to the service center a.k.a clinic yesterday morning. After an hour, the mechanic told me that they might need hours to fix her. They will need to dismantle the engine...check the a/c compressor...and reassemble. She'll be ready by 6pm.

Harus ndak mau bangas di sana. Luckily a dear friend offered himself to pick me up & send me back to workplace. Before heading back to the office, we had lunch @Fook Yuen, Asia City. After so many intentions to go there...finally yesterday, tertunai.

Brother fetched me around 5pm at the cafe. Arrived Perod*a an hour & a half later. Black clouds indicated that heavy rain will soon come pouring. Kens wasn't done with her check up...jadi bertambah awan hitam dalam hati. Brother waited for her...I went back home with mother.

So what's with the bombing thingy? Ughh...compressor breaks down. And the people there claimed the engine was covered with dust hence the damage. Gila apa...enjin baru cuci last month. And the compressor is a brand new 1. Unless masa rosak tu hari they replaced the original with a 2nd hand item. Ken's original compressor broke down sometime last year. And it took nearly a month or 2 for the new 1 to arrive from their HQ in Kolumpur.

At that time I don't see the urge to be mad ALTHOUGH it wasn't logic at all. Perlukah tunggu more than a week? What happened to courier services? DHL? City Link? Or yang paling cikai Pos Malaysia? And after a month or 2...boleh gitu dia break down lagi? And this time, I could see cleary the reason for me to roar.

Last time, they replaced it for free. Because it's still under warranty & Kens hasn't reached the max mileage yet. Now I might need to pay for the bloody new compressor because Kens has exceeded the max mileage hence she is not covered under the warranty anymore.

IF I have the EWC = Extended Warranty Card, Kens will be under warranty for another 2 more years. BUT because we didn't received the card from our insurance company or perhaps the more appropriate way to say it is we still haven't received any EWC yet; I still need to use MY own cash. I know Pacifi* Or*ent Insurance pun memang lembab gila...hence I'm thinking of bombing it as well. Supposedly semua kereta yang previously warranted for 5 years will get the extended 2 years automatically. Tapi c Kens? Nan ado. *inhale exhale*

Enough with the stuff already...bikin nafas turun naik. Thing happened for a reason. Mesti ada hikmah ni menanti di depan. Hmm...ditto the idea to bomb. Should start praying for the EWC to be obtain soon-ish; sounds far more better.

Anyhow, I so can't wait for April to end. The R will be up soon. The trip with my ladies on the Labor Day...trip with my family on Kaamatan. Yay with so many beautiful things awaiting...I should stop all the gripes & treasure life more. Rather than becoming Miss Whiney.

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Anonymous said...

tia tau ble pecaya ka nda kan. who knows part yg durang taruk dulu tu low quality or 2nd hand. sbr jak lah. neway, cua ko tingu my blog. i've added the Reaction section for my blog posts. not that i have dat many readers, lol, tp still, cute. sy suggest ko taru the same thing in ur blog, wud be fun, hehe.

BibiEr Karim said...

Ok will do once I got to know who u are. Hahaha ko lupa kestau sy sepa ko. Hehe.

lala said...

whre u off to for kaamatan mdam??!!!

BibiEr Karim said...

We're going to Kundasang...staying there for 3D2N. Tapi 28-29May sija tu coz no room available on Kaamatan. Probably during Kaamatan I'll be in KK.

Mel said...

lol sya ba tu :p

BibiEr Karim said...

And I figured it out by MYself last nite. Hehehe brabis sy p kurik suma blog yg rapat sm sy, & cari tu yg ko ckp. Luckily ko sija yg ada tu 'reaction' tab. Hehehe.

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