29 June 2014

Wonderful June - Salam Ramadhan


Salam Ramadhan kepada mereka yang beragama Islam. Alhamdulillah diberi peluang kepada kita untuk bertemu bulan yang mulia ini. Semoga ibadah yang kita jalankan kali ini adalah lebih baik dari tahun2 sebelumnya.

Tahun ni bersahur hari pertama di rumah Angah in Cheras. Now di KLIA2; waiting to board the plane in an hour time. Meaning akan sungkai dalam kapal. Memang bijak kan. Demi tiket murah berganda, without fikir panjang terus beli. Sebab aku jarang cuti, sekali cuti memang terus berminggu or berbulan. Tu yang excited jak beli. Turned out terbeli tiket promo yang travel period jatuh on Ramadhan. This isn't my first time though.

Last time pi Bandung pun gini juga. Beli tiket without fikir panjang. Masa tu Allah bagi cuti so merasalah menjamu selera di Bandung di siang hari dalam mall. Ndak da polis or orang MUIS datang tangkap bawa masuk van jenazah. Sebab ramai jak family makan in public without segan silu di sana. Paling special & rare, few restaurants siap ada langsir. Which I find it cute.

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25 June 2014

Wonderful June: Rest in peace Uncle Amat!

Innalillahi wainnalillahi rojiun. Al Fatihah.

My dear Uncle Amat has been called to rest by the Creator last Sunday evening. After nearly 2 years battling with diseases that can not be identified. However, the ultimate nightmare came & shocked the whole family when in April this year he was diagnosed with cancer. Lung cancer, Stage 3 to be precise.

But never once did we lost hope although doctors told us to be prepared for the worst. That there isn't much time left. That his health is deteriorating. Stage 3 isn't a stage where the evil cancer cells could be eliminated in one go. We were advised not to perform any operation nor chemotherapy for Uncle's body was just too weak to handle neither one of the procedures. Not wanting to take any risks, Aunty agreed to listened to the doctors.

Uncle Amat has been in & out the ward ever since the diagnosis result came out. He refused to stay longer in the ward for the environment suffocate him. Too many sick people around, scared him I guess. Every now & then he could hear other patients writhe. So he requested to be brought home.

In case he encounters shortness of breath at home, the hospital lent 2 portable oxygen machines. Uncle was too weak to walk farther from his bedroom, hence the hospital also lent him a portable toilet seat. 

When he was still healthy, Uncle wasn't someone who likes to rest at home. He loves to lepak at the coffee shop with Aunty. That being said is enough to explained why he easily got bored when he was stuck at home so Aunty bought a wheelchair for him. Every time Uncle wants to go out to get some fresh air, Aunty will fulfil his request(s). Whatever he wants to eat, to drink, to buy or to do...Aunty has always been there to grant his wishes. 

Few weeks before his departure, his condition got worst. The oxygen machine became his loyal companion. Regardless that, he still want to joined us at the bbq 'party' we held the end of last month. Aunty pushed his wheelchair to the beach. And he smiled when he was placed facing the sea. He enjoyed the moment very much. I teased him when I saw few grapes on his lap; fell from his grip because he could no longer hold them firmly.

"Ohh uncle tapuk (sorok) anggur, ndak mau share sama saya."

And he giggled while he handed me the grapes. Memories!

I was at home last Sunday evening, lying on the bed when Bunda received a phone call.

"Bie, mari pigi hospital. Uncle is in the emergency, critical they said."

We arrived at the hospital 20 minutes later. Went straight into the emergency area. We couldn't spot any familiar faces there so Bunda made a call. Bilik Sinar Harapan, my bro who was on the other line told her. Upon entering the room, I could hear Aunty crying. The moment she saw us, she cried more.

"Ha, aiso noh ii Akmat. Nokougad no ii Akmat" ---> "Ha, tiada sudah si Akmat. Jalan sudah dia"
"Bie, tiada sudah Uncle Bie. Tiada sudah. Kesian Uncle Bie, kesian dia."

I hugged her. Pat her back. Bunda did the same. It saddened the whole family but we have to stay strong for Aunty. We're her pillars of strength at time like this.

Alhamdullilah, his funeral went smooth. Without delay, without any obstacles. Praise be to The Almighty. Allah ease everything.

Bunda with her sibling & in-laws.
Ismail Family Gathering. Dec, 2009. Langkah Syabas Resort, Kinarut.
Standing L-R: Angah, Aunty Adie, Bunda, Aunty Sylvia, Aunty Ana (D)
Sitting L-R: Pakcik Niman, Uncle Amat (D), Along, Bungsu
Raya last year (2013). 
May u rest in peace Uncle. U're in 'good hands' now. Rest well. Insha Allah, we'll meet again in the hereafter.

"Aunty, redha Uncle pergi. At least, dia ndak payah sudah tanggung all the pain he suffered before."

And aunty smile at me.

Al Fatihah.



21 June 2014

Chasing Sakura Day 8 - Harborland, Kobe

Assalamualaikum. Konnichiwa. 

Congrats to myself! Akhirnya berjaya kubur perangai malas. Hormon Rajin cumalah mampu bertahan for few days last week. Cafe makin lengang, most of the time lepak dalam office. Tapi aku prefer layan blogwalking or draft itinerary. Ada tabiat bingai sejak dulu, draft itinerary untuk upcoming trip(s) tapi most of the places belum pun ada flight ticket. Sadis kan! Ini lah namanya tiada kerja; mencari kerja. Berangan adalah percuma. Selagi masih sedar di mana bumi dipijak, insha Allah ndak kan hanyut dalam mimpi. Terbaik hujah untuk justify rasa guilty. Ngeh.

Ini adalah sambungan dari cerita lepas (sini). Our last day in Japan. Phew, finally kan! Sampai juga ke hari akhir. Berzaman gila mau habiskan. Perangai betul!

Hari ni (11 April 2014), aku bangun super awal. Lepas Subuh, terus mata jadi buntang. Paksa tidur balik pun ndak mau. Ms H balik pagi tu, mula plan untuk hantar dia sampai train station. Tapi suddenly aku jadi malas. Boleh? Kejam di awal pagi. Lagipun station cumalah sepelaung dari hostel, it should be no problem to find her way. Because her JR Pass is still valid she just have to take the train from Shinimamiya Station which will directly bring her to Kansai Airport. 

And oleh kerana aku ndak dapat tidur balik, maka marilah isi perut. Masalah problem hotel ni, diorang ndak da provide pantry at each level. Terpaksalah aku turun dari Level 5 pi lobby untuk ambil air panas. Mau rendam maggi & buat minuman untuk breakfast. Lucky ndak payah menapak turun naik tangga, lif ada. 

We only have one more day to explore Japan. Jadinya perlu siap cepat & bertolak awal to our next destination. 
My breakfast. Motif siap promo kunci hotel kan.
Dengan muka minta belas kasihan, ketuk bilik Ms P & Ms C minta bread. Dapatlah 2 keping. Siap spread planta lagi. Terbaik betul Ms C ni travel. Bekalan makanan dia bawa, macam boleh buka mini 7-Eleven sudah. Aku isi perut semaksimum mungkin pagi tu sebab kunun akan banyak berwalkertapaki sampai malam.

JR Shinimamiya Station --- via JR Yamatoji Line ---> Osaka Station --- via JR Special Rapid Service ---> JR Kobe Station

Supposedly kami turun di Sannomiya Station sebab first destination adalah Kobe Mosque. Tapi sebab masing2 sibuk bercerita macam berkurun ndak jumpa, we missed the station! Jadinya proceed to our third destination. Tu dia kan, lompat terus pi third.

According to the itinerary asal, lepas Kobe Mosque akan proceed pi HAT Kobe. District city yang baru developed. Tujuan utama ialah untuk masuk Earthquake Memorial Museum. Semangat gila aku mau masuk. Walau di Malaysia possibility untuk kita kena earthquake tu macam nipis, tapi aku mau lah juga tau pasal tragic event tu.

Pastu aku plan untuk lunch di sana sekali. DJ ada mentioned pasal kedai makanan halal around that area. According to her, mostly government servants kita were sent there to attend courses. So diorang lah yang share info pasal tempat makan halal tu semua. 
Dari Kobe Station, kami ikut Duo Kobe (Hamanote) underground passage. Easiest way to get out from the station to the main road. 
Been there, done that. Kobe, ticked!
Dapat tau pasal Harborland ni lepas baca entry si John. They went to Kobe Tower during autumn, last year. While digging info about the tower; one that made famous because of Ultraman series I came across this place. Harborland is a commercial cum sightseeing area opened in 1992. What made me decided to include this in the list is because of its seaside sightseeing spots. 

Rindu mau tengok laut. Walau di KK ni, jarak Tg Aru beach sama rumah sepelaung cuma...aku sudah jarang gila ada masa untuk melepak layan perasaan di sana. The current 'peace destruction' going on along Tg Aru beach is simply devastating! 

Anyway, I set a mission for myself prior visiting Harborland. There are 13 must-visit spots here. So aku mau menjejak sekadar yang termampu; if not all. 
Gigih kami datang awal, pula tu Friday. Memang lenggang jaklah jalan raya time ni.
#1 Soten Tower. 
Tinggi zirafah tu ialah 8 meter. And it is located just in front of Culmeni shopping plaza. Ni juga adalah meeting place yang famous di sini. Kunun nya kalau kita terjumpa someone depan sculpture ni, u will fall in love. Aah in love sangat, sampai pun sunyi sepi. Yang ada sama aku time tu cumalah minah bertiga tu. 
Domino's delivery. Comel! 
#2 The Elvis Presley Statue
This statue was set up in Harajuku, Tokyo in 1987. 10 years after his death. And it has soothed the souls of all his fans. Fuh, die hard fan sungguh sampai perlu ada statue untuk tenangkan jiwa para peminat si Elvis ni ah. Statue ni dipindahkan ke Kobe in 2009. Pastu sekarang fans jadikan sort of 'sacred spot' pula. Tu yang siap ada kalung bunga bagai. Fresh flower tu. Dari jam 1130am-850pm, akan ada lagu2 Elvis yang dipasang setiap 10/30/50 minit. Considering kami sampai awal, nan hado lah yang kami dengar. 

#3 Mosaic Watch Tower
Tapi tower tu aku lupa snap. Only the pedestrian bridge yang masuk gambar. Tower ni dibina pada 1914 & dulu digunakan untuk pantau pergerakan keluar masuk kapal kargo yang masuk pelabuhan. 

Ni lah view atas pedestrian bridge tadi.
Banyak souvenir shops & cafes lining this bridge. Tapi kami keluar masuk jaklah. Kunun simpan duit untuk shopping di Shinsaibashi malam nya. Yang tu cerita entry akan datang.

Sudah jalan lebih kurang, we took a rest at this bench. Overlooking the sea gitu konsep dia. Kan rindu laut. Ms G ambil peluang untuk lunch. Bawa bekal kau! Yang lain, kunun diet. Makan pisang & biskut. 
Sebenarnya ada mimpi untuk berdiri bawah tower ni di malam hari. Time dia 'pakai' baju liplap. Tapi mimpi tinggal kenangan. Tengok gambar di google jaklah.
Lepas layan perut, kami turun dari observation deck tu. Time to enjoyed the sunlight. Walau angin bersepoi2 but at least mentari yang muncul emitted some haba lah juga. 
#4 Love's Post Box
This postbox was set here to commemorate Harborland's 15th anniversary. Alkisah, this spot adalah famous for romantic stuffs. A number of marriage proposals & couple's appeals happened here. People normally share their romance feeling of this spot; sometimes expressing their emotion by sending love letters & mementos of their trip from this postbox.

And I don't want to be left out. So I inserted the postcard I wrote for myself in this postbox! Selamat sampai di tangan aku few weeks after balik dari Jepang haritu. Tapi yang aku tulis bukan benda romantik pun. Salah konsep kau ni Bie!
#5 Takahama Quay
p/s Ignore the Ninja-cum-Ultraman wannabe
View from the quay. 
Fulfilling Ms P's request to ride the Ferris wheel of fortune. That's the price ticket for 1 car. 

Some view of the port from inside the car.

#6 The old Kobe Harbor signal tower
Built in 1921 to guide ships to & out from the harbor. Back in the days, it was considered as the top signal tower in Asia. It ended its function in 1990. 
#7 Brick Warehouses
Dulu kala, warehouses ni simpan barangan kargo dari kapal yang datang dari seluruh pelusuk dunia. Nowadays, they're home to many fancy restaurants. And also a sightseeing destination. Masa kami di sini, tempat ni macam sunyi sebab mostly cafes/restaurants buka petang sikit. 
#8 Harbor Walk
Laluan yang sebelah kiri tu dibina dari kayu. Kalau jalan sini kala malam, view memang terbaik. The gas lanterns are lighted at night thus giving the walk along this passage a moment to remembered. Siap bau laut lagi. Memang paling lengkap kalau aku. Boleh duduk layan drama swasta sendiri atas bench, menghadap laut. 
Sudah habis 'sunbathing', Ms P pointed this mall. "Nak masuk" she requested. Supported by Ms C. So, masuklah kami.
Selama travel aku ndak pernah ada plan masuk any mall untuk membeli terbelah. But! Statement "Aku akan cuci mata while tunggu the others do their shopping spree" adalah semata2 poyo during this trip. Di sinilah segala damage terjadi. Aku keluar mall siap bawa balik 2 plastic bags! Sigh. As much as I tried to control my lust over retail therapy, the Spring Sales managed to lured me still. Conclusion, si Err tewas di Umie. Sob.
#9 Ball Machine Din Don
p/s The machine is the one on the left side. Nun di bawah sana. This is the closest of Din Don I have in my album. Terkesima tengok mesin tu beroperasi, menonong jalan ke depan lepas tu. Ndak terfikir mau snap gambar. Perangai.
Lepas acara mengoyakkan poket, another acara poyo took place. My first & second ngopi sessions at Starbucks for 2014(!!) was in Tokyo...and di Kobe ni was the third. Punyalah berat kaki mau melangkah masuk Starbucks kalau di KK, tapi bila di tempat orang suddenly jadi pengunjung tegar. Nasib jak ndak berjangkit sama Ms P untuk beli tumbler bagai. Masa lepak ngopi ni aku sebenarnya dalam mode contemplating untuk beli sebiji jaket di Zara. Harga gila murah after sales. Tapi nasib otak kembali waras. I ditched the idea to buy the jacket demi teringat yang next trip memang mainly untuk membelahkan poket. Else memang triple berbelah lah aku di Kobe haritu. 

Keluar dari Umie, tiba2 angin bersepoi mengganas. Tarik zip jaket sampai atas...jalan tunduk tinguk tanah. Grrr grrr sejuk bergegar lutut. Next destination is the mosque. Yang ni kalau ndak jadi, memang aku marah sama diri sendiri. Apa kes temples, hutan bambu, mall etc etc boleh kau terjah...siap sesat, sanggup return the next day. Tapi masjid langsung ndak mau jejak. Gitu kan amaran sama diri. Masjid di Tokyo aku skipped sebab aku tau kewujudan masjid di Kobe. So ndak da alasan untuk skip kali ni as esok awal pagi kami akan balik Malaysia. Alhamdulillah Allah permudahkan. Dapat aku jejak masjd tu.

Cerita lanjut, nanti aku sambung. Penat woo menaip. Entry ni jak pun sudah masuk draft folder 3x. Bertangguhan sangat!


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13 June 2014

Chasing Sakura Day 7 - Osaka Castle / Osaka Universal City

Assalamualaikum. Konnichiwa.

Yes, hormon Rajin sudah mari. Bolehlah kasi habis entry pasal trip Jepang ni secepat mungkin. Insha Allah, another trip bakal menyusul ndak lama lagi. Just for the record, si Err adalah bijak gara2 excited tiket murah terus terbeli without tengok date. Asal murah, kita sambar. Turned out, that trip bakal berlangsung di bulan Ramadhan. Tabahlah hati. Last time pi Bandung pun kes begini juga. But lucky that time, Allah kasi 'cuti'. 

Cuma kali ni macam risau sikit fikir siapa mau tolong jaga gerai di Param. Sob. Terpaksalah aku mendera Bunda terchenta. Bertabah lagi sekali nanti akan dengar ceramah ala radio rosak. 

Ini kesinambungan cerita dari sini.  

Kyoto Station --- via JR Special Rapid Service ---> Osaka Station --- via Osaka JR Loop Line ---> JR Shinimamiya Station
View sebaik keluar dari JR Shinimamiya Station. Hostel tu terletak next to that pink building. Budak2 tu ingat memang yang pink tulah hostel kami...well knowing me kan. And masa sampai ni juga suddenly matahari tapuk (sorok) diri. Mendung al-gloomy. Temperature pun dropped gila juga.
Ndak dapat tengok festival tulips, tapi syukur sepanjang di Jepang memang selalu jak terserempak taman kecil macam ni. Nampak macam pelestik kan, walhal original baq hang.
Walau kereta bertali arus, basikal tetap one of the main transportation juga di Osaka ni. 
Settled checked-in, kami naik bilik. For a night, aku akan stay bilik single. Triple room is the biggest room at this hostel tapi masa aku book tu, yang tinggal cuma economy twin room & single room. Jadinya pasrah aku booked 2 twin rooms & 1 single room. Rest dalam 15 minutes, off we went out. Ni last day Ms H di bumi Jepang, so kena guna masa sebaik mungkin. 

Before keluar hostel, aku pungut segala brochures & map dalam hostel. Seriously langsung ndak study sangat pasal Osaka. Since kami sampai pun sudah lewat petang, aku cancelled niat untuk beli Osaka 1-day pass tu. Macam membazir pula bila aku kira2. Bukan banyak kena turun naik train, memang ndak lebih dari harga pass. Lagipun JR Pass masih valid, bagus guna sampai lenjan. Baru berbaloi bayar RM 890.00 untuk pass tu.

Our first destination was Osaka Castle. Nearest JR station is Osakajokoen Station. Dalam train tu baru aku kalut cari direction semua. Nasiblah pamphlet Discover Osaka aku ambil dari hostel tu sangat membantu. Funny thing was, aku sebenarnya terambil pamphlet in Hangul. Masa sibuk study map & train route tu aku masih ndak perasan. Then bila mau baca part details, baru aku macam eh ni bukan kah Hangul. Perangai sangat kan! Tapi!! Hidung adalah kembang semangkuk sebab ternyata ndak sia2 aku ikut online class Korean101 tu oii. I can read Hangul handsomely now. Macam kunyah candy gitu. Sila muntah. Tapi part baca nama station jak lah lepas. Part details memang selamat tinggal labu.

JR Shinimamiya Station --- via Osaka JR Loop Line ---> JR Osakajokoen Station

10 April 2014
Osaka-jo, Osaka
Dari Osakajokoen Station, kami menapak pi Osaka Castle. Before tu limpas Osaka-jo Hall. 
Ramai gila orang. Pastu mostly teenagers & few Ahjummas. Automatically kami assumed ada concert lah kali malam tu. When I saw a group of girls bertatu di muka with the word B1A4, baru aku tau. Ooooo ada Kpop konsert. Group tu kira baru lagi so aku memang ndak berapa ambil port. But aku tau lah kewujudan group tu. Rupanya budak2 tu ada jelajah siri Live Tour 2014.

Ish, like perlukah terserempak benda gini. Buat rindu sama 'kampung' ok! Macam ndak cukup kejadian silap ambil pamphlet tau. Motif sangat semua kau mau kasi kait kan Bie. Kebetulan kunun.
Enjoyed tengok the way they dressed. Awal gila diorang datang walhal konsert start malam. Kaedah beramasmesra. And ada yang aku nampak sudah buat macam camping site. Siap bentang kain, ada kerusi & utensil masak memasak. Ini sah memang sudah lama di sana. Ntah bermalamn kali. Ada lagi dressed up ala karakter kartun Disney. Macam2 ragam & aku suka tengok. 
Meriah! Yalah, diri sendiri belum mampu untuk jejak any Kpop concert. Nasiblah haritu group aku ndak minat, cuba kalau CnBlue or BigBang or Suju or EXO? Mau nangis darah aku luar stadium. Gila ramai bias kau Bie! Tamak haloba. Ndak banyak booth jual merchandise group ni, yang banyak aku tengok group of girls yang distribute light stick / bandana yang ada nama member diorang suka. Kami cuci mata sepanjang jalan pi castle. At least ndak lah bosan perjalanan tu.
Dari hall tadi, akan lalu tunnel that will lead to Osaka Castle Park. 
Sebab petang & mendung, nampak ramailah orang beriadah. Yang naik basikal, yang jogging, yang berhanami, yang bawa anjing bersiar2 pun ndak ketinggalan. 
Totally a different view from what we saw previously in front of the hall. Tadi bingit suara orang mencicit bercerita/bersorak, not to forget groups yang semangkit nyanyi lagu B1A4 siap menari few steps. Dekat area garden ni, lebih banyak dengar bunyi daun ditiup angin. Tu dia bahasa! And sometimes dengar tuan panggil anjing diorang. Bunyi loceng basikal. Bunyi orang bercerita tapi ndak sebingit depan hall tadi.

Castle ni terletak jauh nun atas bukit. Memang bersuperwalkertapaki lebih sikit petang tu. The Oteman (Gate) Gate that we walked passed through to reach the castle was under construction that day. Baru berangan mau posing depan one of the Important Cultural Assets of Japanese government.
Dari kejauhan sudah nampak part of the castle. 
Like any other castles back in the days, Osaka Castle is also a fortress. Hence explains why it is built on a raised platforms of landfill. Supported by walls of cut rock; each overlooking a moat. 
Walking on the bridge, towards the ground of the castle gave me some sort of an unexplainable feeling. Kalau lah buang tabiat pakai kimono, mesti lagi rasa macam berada di zaman Edo. 
After the bridge, ingatkan sampai sudah. Walhal terpaksa menapak lagi. Siap mendaki bukit nan curam. 
Bertabah jaklah yang lain ikut aku. Harini every places we visited are the ones yang memang dalam check-list aku. Walking on hilly terrain. Jalan keliling taman. Tapi! Malam adalah aktiviti khas diorang. Mau pi Universal City, bukan mau masuk USJ tapi mencari kedai batu keras. Banyak lagi pesanan yang belum dilunaskan kunun. Thought sudah habis diorang langsaikan masa di Tokyo. 
Lepas walkertapaki & pendakian yang macam mau cabut nyawa, akhirnya sampai! 
Aku langsung ndak fit haritu. Baru jalan sikit sudah macam putus nyawa. Maybe sebab perut kelaparan. Last aku jamu perut masa breakfast di hostel. Banyak berjalan, tangki perut jadi sempit. Malas mau makan, boleh?
Once a castle, and later became a military armouries...Osaka Castle is now a modern functioning museum after stages of restoration projects done by the government.
Based on what I read at one of the info plaque there, the elevated lift on the right side was actually built at the same time the castle was constructed. Only that, the lift was built sesuai dengan teknologi zaman tu. Yang sekarang tu memang lift moden. Reproduction of the original.
Lepak di bench tu kejap, tulis poskad katanya. Padahal angin sudah start mengganas. Hingus meleleh pun ndak sedar.
It was already late evening when we arrived, so we didn't enter the museum. Macam rugi pula masuk kalau dapat explore pun in less than an hour. Kami explore keliling castle lebih kurang. Masuk kedai souvenir & aku berjaya rembat few things for the besties. Ngam kami keluar, kedai pun tutup. 

Admission fee for Castle Tower is 600 yen. It is open from 9am to 5pm. Last admission is 430pm. Kalau ada Osaka 1 day pass, boleh guna kupon yang dapat sekali sama pass tu. With the coupon, entrance is free.
Sunset from the castle ground. Kena menapak lagi untuk pi train station. Huwaaa.
Ndak da fenomena super moon macam di Korea haritu. View moon biasa jak. Awal kau keluar wahai bulan. Walhal senja pun baru berlabuh.
Habis di castle, kami ikut semula jalan masa kami sampai untuk balik pi train station. Masa ni makin ramai orang depan Osaka Hall. On the way tu, nampaklah doors untuk VVIP/VIP ticket holders sudah buka. Bersopan jak budak2 tu queued untuk masuk. Ndak da kejadian tolak menolak dengan rakus. Bagus, berdisiplin.
Bought our takoyaki from this Ahjussi. 
Orang bilang datang Osaka kena try takoyaki. Because it originated from here. Banyak betul gerai sudah buka petang tu. Jual variety of snacks. Yang tengah tunggu masuk hall pun bedal beli juga. Angin makin sejuk jadi baguslah makan benda panas. 
Sebab budget sangat, jadi beli secara kongsi. 6 biji dalam tu ndak kan bedal sendiri pun kan. 
Aku jadi super bijak masa ni, sudah tau benda tu baru jak diangkat dari tray. Masih panas. Boleh aku dengan rakus sumbat sebiji masuk mulut. Just like what I always did kalau makan takoyaki di KK. Hasilnya? Adalah dalam 5 minit menahan sakit lidah & lelangit melecur. Airmata meleleh aku ndak peduli sudah. Panas gila! Air pula ndak da. Botol kosong jak Ms G bawa masa tu. Bertabahlah aku bernafas dari mulut. Menahan panas & sakit. Adalah dekat seminggu juga baru baik kesan melecur tu. Padanlah muka, rakus & haloba lagi. Bingai menjadi2

Kami bantai habis takoyaki tu di sana juga. Pastu naik train untuk pi next destination. Osaka Castle adalah penamat jadual aku. Next destination adalah tempat tujuan budak2 lain. Aku tengok diorang since dari castle tu sudah start humming lagu 'mau cepat sampai kedai batu keras'. So marilah kita tunaikan.

JR Osakajokoen Station --- via Osaka JR Loop Line ---> JR Nishikujo Station --- via JR Yumesaki Line ---> Universal City Station

10 April 2014
Universal City, Osaka
Sampai Universal City ni, kelibut cari tempat tujuan utama. Kesian kan perangai, my cousins went here few months before me. Aku ndak terfikir mau tanya dia, mana kedudukan sebenar. Puaslah Ms P gigih cari directory. Tanya orang.
Siap naik escalator, passed through the shops...ended up masuk yang cafe. Nasib ada tangga masuk Hard Rock Shop. Rupanya kedai tu right in front of USJ main entrance. Hampagas kelapa betul!
Because the youngest brother already got his baju cap Tokyo HRC, macam ndak adil kalau yang satu tu aku beli baju lain. So I bought my Adik Pulau a baju cap Osaka HRC. Tu jak lah si Err mampu kasi souvenir untuk adikberadik. Walhal untuk diri sendiri pun ndak beli apa. 
Di sini juga Ms H & Ms C membeli ndak hengat. Like, seriously memborong. Masing2 habis nearly 100k Yen, siap swipe lagi. Phew.
Bukti! Ni baru part of barang belian Ms H.
Lepas beli apa aku mau, I went out the shop to look around. Kasi chance mereka yang mau memborong. Walau masa ni angin adalah triple kali ganas dari angin di Kyoto, aku gagahkan diri jalan. Demi mau pijak area USJ. Since ndak masuk, so mari ambil gambar untuk cogankata 'been there, done that'. DJ & JM pun baru habis buat entries pasal this theme park, so boleh baca experiences di 'rumah' diorang. JM siap ada pengalaman ngeri dalam tu; cerai talak 3 terus. 
Alkisahnya, ada orang berdarah hati masa nampak roller coaster dari luar ni. Berkecai jantung bila nampak betapa laju roller coaster tu berdesup atas rail. Memang ndak dapat cakap apa, I did gave her an ultimatum prior the trip. Disneyland or USJ. And she chose the first. Blame me not Ms P!
Ambil berkat bergambar depan the famous globe of Universal Studios jak lah kan.
Habis diorang bershopping, kami saja gatal tengok directory board. Pastu nampak pula ada 1 Indian Restaurant dalam bangunan berdepan USJ tu. Apalagi, orang2 yang sudah seminggu di perantauan & rindu nasi berlauk pauk pun terus ndak fikir panjang. Dinner luar kita malam ni; gitu seru Ms P. Walhal macam everyday juga melantak nasi di hostel. Be it instant or nasi himpit. Tapi memang since jejak Jepang, budak2 lain belum merasa makan di luar. Aku & Ms G sudah melantak sushi di Tsukiji Market.

Jadinya menapak lah kami masuk bangunan & naik pi 4F kalau ndak silap aku. Indian Restaurant Pinakhana nama restoran tu. Masa sampai depan restoran, yang lain macam in doubt juga. Boleh ka ndak. Then datang pelayan tu, sibuk laung Halal Halal. Teruslah bersinar muka diorang & laju jak menonong masuk. Ala Indian pun kan, memang segala jenis daging diorang ndak makan except ayam. Insha Allah, kami tawakal & yakin. 
We chose to sit a little bit farther inside. Sebab kalau duduk depan, ndak dapat cuci mata tengok interior deco. Walhal risau kalau ketawa besar, jadi perhatian pelanggan lain. 

Deco dalam restoran. I've never been neither to India nor Istanbul...but masuk dalam ni buat aku ada feeling ala-Istanbulakudatang. Hmmm...adakah itu hint. 
Even dalam restaurant, ada heater...our ninja refused to open her 'mask'. Tetap sejuk katanya.
My dinner; lupa harga. Vegetarian Briyani Fried Rice. And that tea is to die for! Sedap & pekat gila. Nyesal minta hanya secawan, masa bayar bil baru tau tea/coffee adalah free flow. Sob.
Group photo before we called the night off. Tapi kena naik turun train 2-3x dulu before sampai hostel pun. 
This was our last pic with Ms H sebab early the next morning she will be flying back to Malaysia. Walau husband bagi green light berjimba sama girlfriends, sila jangan lupa celebrate birthday sang husband. The reason why Ms H balik awal. 


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