23 April 2013

Prosperous Apr: Aja Aja Fighting Chompok!

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

*sigh* It all started last Sun night. Chompok vomited yellowish liquid at around 8-ish. At first I thought it was Chomel who vomited on my bed. But found out later when I saw Chompok at one corner of the dining area; coughing before vomiting. That; enough to break my heart.

He vomited every half an hour since then. I had a restless sleep that night as well. I woke up automatically every time he coughed. Chompok is such a dear little kitty. He knew I was sleeping on the bed, hence every time he feels like vomiting he quickly jumped from the bed. Albeit not as energetic like always...he jumped; still.

I brought him to see the vet early yesterday morning. The vet told me maybe he has consumed something such as insects (cockroach or lizard). The dormant protozoa in every cat's stomach unfortunately reacted to what he consumed causing irritation to his internal system. Hence the vomiting. The blood test also showed some of his red blood cells are no longer in normal shape; indicating the presence of parasites & bacteria.

Chompok has refused to eat nor drink. He looks extremely weak I nearly burst into tears upon seeing his droopy eyes. He was given six injections consisting of water, antibiotics, vitamin & God knows what. He was prescribed with a medicine to stop him from vomiting. But I didn't give him because he stopped vomiting after the injections. Chompok is a fighter. He didn't even fight back when the needles penetrated his skin. He sat still; while looking at me. I told him to get better asap so we don't have to see the vet again. 

This was last night. Cheeloh showing his love to Chompok. Usually they will wrestle in between this session but for the time being, Chompok is just too tired & weak to play. I simply miss the playful him! No more sight of him jumping around whenever I fold my blanket in the morning. No one to play with my ponytail every time I combed my hair. Even Cafe misses him. Cafe has no one to play hide & seek with anymore. 
This morning, I brought him to the vet for the second time. His body is dehydrating, so the vet gave him another shots like what he had yesterday. But today, he was given ten injections altogether. 
During the eighth shot, Chompok tried to stand up & jumped from the table. Maybe he had had enough of the meds inside his body. Maybe he can't stand the sore anymore. I was advised to bring him again tomorrow. 

I have decided, if he still haven't gain his health back...I will try the traditional way. Feed him with more santan. I did that to Cheeloh years back. When the vet told me there's no hope for Cheeloh to survive, I didn't give up & I brought Cheeloh home with tears. Alhamdulillah, after days of forcing him to swallow the santan...he gradually became healthy again. And he is still healthy until now. I will do the same to Chompok...I will try my best. I hope he will be strong enough to be healthy again. 

If everything failed after trying, I wouldn't regret. For I know, I had tried my best & never once had I neglected my responsibility ever since I took him in months ago. Kakak prays for ur speedy recovery dear little darling!


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Anonymous said...

breaks my heart!!! *sob... ok sd dia kan.. Thanks God!-grungesuperbadasscute

BibiErr Karim said...

Will update on the third visit, ACV & tapeworms thingy. Mom been using the lappy ever since the Astro people mistakenly cut off our wire. Jiran yang disconnect, kami jadi mangsa.

Chompok is getting better albeit a bit weak. Effect of the deworm pill the vet gave him.

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