30 December 2012

Buang Tabiat: Aku suka KOMPLEN

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

I've been deserting this site quite frequent these days. Loads of things to scribble yet too little effort made to put them in words. Caught myself up with too many useful stuffs lately. Useful as I called them but ridiculous as per Bunda. Tetttt!

I took pictures on various events; with the intention to get them posted in here. But, they were left untouched in the phone's folder. Neglected. I don't favour the idea to upload them ALL in instagram*. IG has turned into a rather boring app for me; recently. I just don't get the idea, why do people have to upload every single picture they took. Because from my understanding, IG is about the 'at the moment picture'

Just because u wanted to tell ur friends, u're making a single dish...u decided to upload the step-by-step pictures. Hana hana?!? Not in a grid nor collage. But every single pictures throughout the whole process of making! 

Forgive me if I'm being narrow minded, but I can't seem to tolerate with such thing for now. Not only were the pictures uploaded in IG, they're also in FB. The very reason why I hid them from appearing in my news feed. It's torturing to have to scroll down until the very bottom because of the long-list of updated pictures. Worse, even after hitting the tab 'more posts' at the bottom page...more pictures appeared. Like; ain't there any updates from my other friends? 

It's a different story if IG is used as a medium to expand ur e-shop. That I can totally understand. But to have the step-by-step pictures? From the ingredients, to preparations, to the end result? Phew, it's just too much for me to digest.

And oh the pictures taken every second; do they all needed to be uploaded? Same background, same subject(s)...just a slight different smile or face expressions. I got it u're in the car heading to somewhere. So, stop! Don't upload until u've reached ur destination. Update me when u're there already. IG doesn't have the 'hide' tab YET. Hence I guess I just have to endure with ur impulsive need to upload & upload. I can't delete u from the follower list because u're one of those friends I value.

Being human, there's always something to whine about. But that doesn't mean I should ditch u. Nor judge everything u did. Part upload terlebih tu jak bikin aku headache. Maafkan gue! Sekian.

Chop! 'You' refer to more than one person by the way.


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2 hollered!:

Malicious Mind said...

samalah kita banyak gambar tapi malas mo upload. Instagram pun aku tak ada. malas la terlalu banyak benda mau jaga. cukup blog n FB. twitter pun bersawang sudah

BibiErr Karim said...

Aku prefer upload di IG or blog jak skg. Ada lah upload di fb juga tapi tengok kerajinan ah. Haha.

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