1 September 2012

Edisi: Raya with My Ladies

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Ok!! The girlfriend in Birmingham ping me yesterday...asking the pending update of my Europe trip. I've got like 4 entries (or more??) more to finally be able to call it's a wrap. Insya Allah, will get them up soon. 

I got a pressie for my 30th birthday. Something I have long to buy since I got back from the trip. But been disapproved by Bunda dearie. Alasan memang super masuk akal hence I waited until raya to get it. Alhamdulillah, turned out it really is my lucky day. Double lucks! It's the last stock available at the store. To make it more meaningful was when suddenly at the counter, Bunda took out her purse & paid for it!!! Yay!!! Super duper bahagia! Happy meter memang sampai level max lah! Senyum lebar all the way back home. Gomawo Eomeoni! Neomo gamsa! Insya Allah, ada rezeki kita trip cuti2 bersama, ok. Definitely it's gonna be on me. Now, let us pray to make it a reality. Ngeh~~ alangkah comel gaya berterima kasih lantas berjanji setia si Err!

On different note, I attended Kizzy's raya open house at her kampong in Papar yesterday. Went there together with the three YS girlfriends of mine. How I wish more of us were there! I miss spending time with them. Especially that little Teacher in Tawau. One day perhaps...kita akan berkumpul macam waktu dulu2.

The very first person to rasmi the food. It's acceptable though since she didn't take her breakfast nor lunch prior coming.

Super glowing hostess. Mother to be in 39 days. Insya Allah.
Us. Don't bother to ask why si Err gila kuasa bergambar paling depan. Harus kan terus nampak macam gajah pregnant. Padan lah muka bah!
Poyo mode tiada ampun! Sneak preview of my upcoming entry. My 2days1night trip to Amsterdam. Hopefully I will gain the R hormone asap! Sila lah kau datang wahai si Rajin!


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2 hollered!:

kizzy t.fauzi said...

Seb baik aku nmpk kurus wahaha

BibiErr Karim said...

Adei patut upload sluar taichi ko tu kan...xpun masa kau sambut kami dari pintu belakang tu. LOL

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