28 May 2012

Edisi: Kundasang Getaway


Yeah I heard u! Update weekend getaway yang basi! Truth is, I've been too caught up with my preparation for the upcoming holiday plan. The more I look at my schedule, the worrier I became. Risau ada aku tertinggal masuk dalam list, baru karau ayam mengatur di sana. 

Yesterday, went to WM with Bunda. Kunun mau exchange RM tapi harapan ke laut when most of the money changers were out of stock for GBP. Puas aku pusing, alhamdulillah akhirnya ada 1 kiosk jadi penyelamat. Rate sudah naik .20 from the last time I checked. Served me right lah kan. The other day tukar sikit jak sebab menaruh harapan tegar the rate will go down. Increase lagi adalah. Sila lah sila tepuk bahu; congratulate kebingaian diri sendiri ah Bie. 

Ok, please jangan stress. Calm down...at least ada juga yang tertukar. Ndak lah sampai tahap mati kutu, langsung ndak da pocket money. Rate di Kolumpur is a bit higher than in KK; as per my friend told me just now. Hence Insya Allah, by the end of this week aku exchange semua. The ticker on the right side stated another 2 weeks to go. Heartbeat sudah detap-detup ndak ketentuan rhythm. Ish, bawa bertendang bertenang lah oii. 

Anyways, main point entry ni adalah untuk tayang gambarS. As I didn't bring Blackie along that day...I depended solely on Mr Sam's precious camera to take picture. Pastu sebab aku separa pening lalat, maka ndak la banyak gambar aku snap. Moment bersama tu yang penting untuk dinikmati, ara.

9 May 2012. Filiz-Man little family. Adam melencong tempat lain therefore hanya gambar bertiga. 
Your Truly's super kesayangan nephews & niece. Jipun-Adam-Airis
Read: Ignore the date. My mistake! 

Will never get tired of this view.
One of the superwoman in my life. A friend who watched me grew up...dari zaman hingus until zaman jelita sila muntah. *clearing throat*
 Dedicated to all FINK + ROSE lovers! We rock!
 Lunch @Nabalu Lodge, Kundasang. Jipun on the opposite sangat ndak puas hati tinguk menu Airis.

 Fathers & Sons. 
Later that night, after sending the guests back to their hotel...I immediately zoomed back home; fetched Bunda & headed to Suria Sabah. We had our Mother's Day dinner there together with a friend of mine. 

Fuh...edisi makan ndak hengat ever since the guests' arrival. Up until this moment, aku masih dalam process to get rid of all the lemakS I accidentally gained that weekend. Sungguh pelik dengan sistem badan yang langsung ndak tau reject makanan. 


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23 May 2012

Edisi: Of Flu

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong!

The weather has been super hot in KK lately. I started to feel all dizzy on the way home from the cafe last Saturday. As soon as I reached home, I immediately did the housework to divert my attention from the dizziness. Plus, perlu berpeluh sakan supaya sakit ndak melarat.

By late evening, I was already back to the healthy me. I must say a rather fast recovery from fever & mild headache might be the cause of the unwell me today. Unsteady body & unable to stand for long. Lucky enough I didn't faint while waiting for my urusan to settle at the immigration department early this morning. 3 good hours of waiting; gila banyak statements bingai aku dengar from the officers. Note to self: Next visit, perlu bawa earphones.

Body temperature started to heat up just now. The breathe I exhaled, aku sudah dapat rasa haba habis. And flu came visited as well. When I have flu I don't normally sneeze, but  instead I tend to have reddish swollen eyes. So yeah, jagbyeol Panda Eyes & annyeong Junky Eyes sebab serius aku macam orang stoned.

I decided to play the trick against my immune system once more. Went back home early...sweat myself by doing the house chores. In the middle of the week; super rajin moi vac-ed & mopped the house. Refused to hop on the bed albeit feeling too weak to even stand up. I put aside the throbbing head, watery eyes & itchy nose. Focus were all on the chores. I even managed to make dinner. Alhamdulillah, after few hours of struggling  I gained my strength back. Perhaps the finger-licking nice dinner was the cause. Nice one Bie, sila lah sila puji diri sendiri...lain tahun!

Before hitting the sack, I awarded myself by watching the 1st episode of Running Man. And laugh my heart out throughout the whole 1 hour show. By 11pm I was already in my dreamland I guess. Super awal masuk tidur kan, super best bangun awal awal awal pagi. But it's just pretty weird when I didn't noticed that it rained heavily during dawn. Apakah kes?

p/s Syukur aku sudah sihat tapi mata masi berair, kesan bersin yang terbantut2

18 May 2012

Edisi: Capek tapi Excited

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong!

Oh my, has it really been a week already? The length of time I have gracefully abandoned this site. Phew, something has caught my attention pretty good, eh. No, NOT just the Hanguk thingy. Things at the cafe were rather hectic this whole week. Short-handed. I went running here & there; jumping from 1 stall to another; sweating raindrop & got home...knackered. Lucky enough, amidst the hustle & bustle...I still managed to steal sometime to destress. Alhamdulillah. 

Filiz & her lil family went back last Tues evening. Thanks to them, I managed to have a quick getaway to Kundasang last weekend. Together with IjaLyn & little Jipun; whom I haven't met ever since I got back from Hanguk last Feb. Gomawo for coming over to our beloved double K town, also gomawo to Ijal for being our designated driver. Saya adalah sangat chenta moment2 seperti itu. Laju jak ingat memori2 daun pisang  lama. Damn, I miss my high school years.

Anyways, I have started packing my stuffs for the upcoming holiday. The only thing I am so looking forward to at this very moment. Everytime I feel like giving up (read: Cafe's current state), I immediately remind myself about the most awaited holiday next month. Another 3 weeks to go! It's the only motivation that could move me; for now. Recharged & make me more energetic. Sweats & pains will be all worth it once I landed there. Insya Allah, all in good times.

p/s GambarS bercuti2 Kundasang with the Putrajaya people; nanti gue upload ya.


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11 May 2012

Edisi: Kawan Lama Datang Melawat

Woot. Aku sempat menyelit update blog! Oleh kerana speaker desktop ni aku sudah secara ndak sengaja ter-delete-kan...jadi telan liur jak lah kan mau nuntun Top oppa's music videos di utube. Sound nan ado bai! Hence I took this golden opportunity to scribble an entry. 

Jap lagi mau balik...yahuu! Another hour to go. Adalah ketidaksabaran di situ. Will be fetching a good friend & her family from Kolumpur this evening. Friends whom I've known since the age of thirteen! Husband & wife adalah kawan gue. Dari zaman hingusan sampai beranak pinak. Jap, chop! Part yang berpinak2 tu aku belum masuk list lah. Main point here, mereka adalah kawan lama. I am close with the family sebab dulu time cuti bermalam hostel, aku selalu menumpang kasih sayang di rumah Mrs. Filiz. Ikut sampai balik kampung halaman nun di Kelantan sana ah. Sungguh, si Err ndak malu kalau bab gitu.

Every now & then, if I happened to go down to Kolumpur...masih lagi preserve ketidakmaluan tu. Lepak rumah family dia, makan sekenyang alam sampai perut buncit ndak hengat. Her mom's cooking adalah yang terbaik dari ladang kot.

Kenangan paling terharu, because her mom knows how much I like her handmade air soya...sanggup tu buatkan & deliver di hostel. Padahal si Filiz was no longer student di sekolah kami at that time. Oh yeah, she moved to another school when we're in Form 2. Tapi aku tetap dengan ndak malu lepak rumah dia during school holiday...sampailah aku balik KK for good. Although I was back to my hometown, we still remain in touch with each other. Never once did we lost contact. Alhamdulillah, our friendship remain intact up to this day.

Intro perlukah sangat panjang? P to the Yo la ko Bie oii. Padahal just to shout yang aku akan fetch diorang at the airport. Bawa kawan berjalan2 menikmati bumi Sabah is uber coolness. Yes?! Together with Ijal family; aku jadi tuan rumah to entertain the guests.

Dengan rasmi, I declared there will be NO K-drama nor variety shows or anything associated to self-entertainment...take place in the weekend. Sekian, annyeonghi gaseyo.


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9 May 2012

Buang Tabiat: Edisi Poyo Toyol

Assalamualaikum; annyeong!

Big Bang & Iris (Kdrama) have caught my attention pretty good these days. Perhaps, I have been too occupied with their things for now. And I certainly will not be able to update this precious blog on daily basis as I promised myself before, until further notice. 

I'm also in the midst of learning the Hangul. And yeah, busy preparing schedule for my upcoming trip as well. I have yet to email dear Ernie for my second week itinerary. Too much things to think & do *poyo toyol*. Alhamdulillah, berjaya divert segala negative vibes! 

I never thought I would love this idol group this much! In fact I never thought I will have one to love; ever since my BSB days. And unsangkarable juga, this Korean thingy buat aku lagi close with my beloved little cousin. Dulu aku babysit kau! And gendong kau pigi sekolah...ndak sangka sekarang ni we listen to the same music! We even talk the 'same entertainment language'! 


7 May 2012

Edisi: K-Idol Group?!?


It's been 5 days. I've been treating the mind quite positive despite the heartrending news came to my knowledge. Alhamdulillah, no hatred existed in my heart. Just a little bit of disappointment in which I know pretty well will soon disappear. I pray for their well being; also for life to treat us good in the future. I have no intention to retaliate or whatsoever because I know along the way; I too made mistake without realizing. Hence, to forgive is the best way. But it still is too awkward to be like before. I'm trying my best to erase everything that happened recently. Insya Allah, all in good time. 

In another note, something unexpected arose in me. It's been a while since I last go gaga over thing as such. Last time was Backstreet Boys. Oh boy that was eons back! Much to my surprise, the K-idol groups caught my attention big time! Of course it all began NOT through their songs. I started to dig more about Hyun Joong oppa after watching Playfull Kiss; thanks to my beloved junior back in high school whom introduced me to the drama. Later I found out HJ was the leader to one of the infamous idol group in South Korea; SS501.

Of course the 'desire' to know more about him surfaced. I became his ultimate stalker. Searching the net about him everytime I go online. Thing got worst when I started to fall in love with their music. Albeit the language barrier I enjoyed listening; still. But of course being the person who pays more attention to the lyrics of a song, I searched for the lyric & its meaning after falling in love with the song. And I am happily telling u people out there...I have become addicted to their music. 

One of my close friend often threw banters towards me these days. Continuously telling me that I am no longer the chingu *friend* she knew before. Aigoo. Memang patut pun dia terkejut sebab all this while aku sangat tiada perhatian sama lagu. I could listen to one single song the whole day. Repeatedly; without bored. Itu kalau aku suka pun sometimes title of the song aku boleh ndak tau. And now, my playlist is loaded with their musics. Proudly stating; it is more than 10 songs already. That's surely a record for me! 

I have never like the idol group Big Bang until I found out that of one their member; Top is Oppa's best friend. Just because most of its member dyed their hair...I kinda feel annoyed with the image. Serious wei warna2 rambut mereka adalah buruk. Lagi jiwa Top dyed his hair green! Serupa burung kakak tua & aku sangat menyampah. But all the bad thoughts about him has stopped ever since I saw him in Family Outing. With black hair & serious expression; hati aku ditembak bertubi2. And his eyes? Sangat tajam, menusuk kalbu. Terjelupuk! Mata adalah part lelaki yang selalu tarik perhatian aku. Apalagi kalau renungan tajam ala gangster look! Harus jantung stops beating. Ok, over!

And so I searched Big Bang's songs in youtube. Dang! Macam kena smash punya kuat, aku terjatuh chenta with their music as well. 5 very talented lads who composed their own songs; choreographed their own dance steps. Also the leader; G-Dragon is one of the fashion setter in their country. What's more shall I asked from them? Aku pun telah berjaya menonton Running Man where Big Bang was the guest. Selama ni aku purposely skip episod tu sebab sakit mata tengok imej rambut warna warni diorang ah. Padan muka kelambatan! Gwaenchanh-ayo for it is better late than never. Naega maj-ji?

One of  the line in their #1 hit. The song that immediately brought them to fame; Geojismal @ Lies (2007). Super love the lyrics & its beat. Sila dengar

My new darling; Top! Also an actor. I've downloaded one of the drama he acted in; Iris. And will be watching it starting tonight. The bad guy in the drama; a spy & an assassin. Fuh! Berpeluh, sesuai kot watak sama ekspresi muka!

Ok I gotta stop scribbling now. Nanti terover bercerita perihal hati. Ahaks. 

p/sI: I no longer listen to the same song the whole day. I have quite long a list to choose already! Yiihaa!

p/sII: All three of Oppa's bestfriends adalah flower boys! HyunJoong-Top-HeroJaejoong-MickyYooChun. Seriously boleh kah jangan bias pilih kawan Oppa oii! 


2 May 2012

Edisi: Grieving Phase

Something came to my knowledge recently...things I wished I would never have to hear nor came to know about. Yet much to my dismay, they did. I don't know what's the best term to describe my uneasy feeling upon hearing them. Neither could I explain the way I see & evaluate them. Guess benumbed is the perfect word to express my reaction. 

A good friend told me it's ok to grief. In fact, it's a therapy for the messy mind. To sort things out accordingly. I guess I am gonna take that advice for now. Building a temporary fortress to block upcoming things from interrupting my grieving process. 

I'm exhausted of having to fight & search. And literally dying from all the sudden attacks. Time will heal I believe but I can't guarantee how long the healing process will be. After what had happened, I don't think I'll be generous enough to give my trust anymore. The wounds are just too painful to swallow...I chose what I believe & have faith in. Between the ship & the light; I doubtlessly picked the latter.

Perhaps, it's time for me to pay my karma. The bad things I did in the past to others...slowly crawling back to me. I deserve it. I know. Like I always say to myself, Allah pays cash these days. Aku buat sekali & I will have to pay triple for it. Such expensive a toll to pay! 

Honestly, aku ndak kompromi bila agama & kepercayaan aku diperkotak katik. Call me childish, call me trip-alim, call me as u please. Dalam segala hal, Dia yang Maha Pencipta yang harus aku hormat & tunduk. I don't expect one to follow what I believe tapi cukuplah sekadar respect. 

p/s Aku dengan jayanya telah mencari penyakit.


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