9 January 2012

Ulang Tahun Ammi si Jipun!

To my ever dearest Lyn! My bestguyfriend's soulmate. 

Wish a very warm birthday darling! And thanks for the fink frame. Really; it touched me when u told me the reason u bought it because it reminded me of u. One of the many sweetest things; u husband+wife always do to me. *hands on chest, eyes a bit teary*

Comel enough huh? Birthday 'girl' & her 2 heroes came to my office during lunch bringing along a paper bag; containing a gift inside. Little Jipun handed the bag; thus making it extra special to me. I love u three!
The oneyearoldplus Aniki @ Jipun! Sila tahu, budak kecil ini sudah dapat 'kaki'. 

Seeing him walking around the office; exploring every inches of the space...saddened me suddenly. It was just like yesterday I hold him in my arms; so tiny so fragile! Now he can already walk. And as his Daada reported to me, Jipun can even dribble a ball. Fine, that has made me feel not-young anymore. Phew, time flies! 

By the way, we didn't get the chance to lunch together as I have promised my YS ladies to have luncheon date earlier. So much of a surprise visit from the bestfriends, huh. Nonetheless, I appreciated the visit! Sila tahu, ia wujud dari hati paling dalam. Sungguh!

Fuh! I think this is too long an entry for a birthday wish already. Gotta hit the sack then. Mahu mimpi indah2, chop!

p/s "Cintai aku kerana Allah, kerana itu cinta abadi. Dan Insya Allah itu yang akan temukan kita di syurga nanti" <------- Apa bisa aku hanyut dengan ayat ini wahai teman?"


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