9 January 2012

Pok Silap si Err

The PTPTN*'s web & Immigration e-system are the 2 portals I've been visiting these past few days. Checking on my status availability to travel. Haru wei sekali time cek-in di imigresen kaunter terus kena suruh pulang rumah. Rupanya black list sebab ndak bayar hutang. Dang!

Thirty more days to go before I'll be finally surrounded by the 'Annyeong-haseyo' people. Oh yeah, I am indeed excited & looking forward to it. 

And I've started assembling things...halfway ready to start packing. Woot! Jacket hunting went of success just now. I bought 2 just in case I lost the 'crave' to shop for one when I reached there. Trust me, shopping has never been the main agenda nor has it been in my top priority things to do when I travelled. Because I prefer sightseeing more. Loads could be learn by just appreciating things around us. But I don't deny, sometimes  I chose shopping as my therapy to heal the wounded heart. Please don't say to me money can't buy happiness because without money; I sure can't buy the jackets for the trip. See?

No Jackets = Devastated Me or better; Sculptured Me or perhaps More Drama Me!

Anyways, I will have a little post-new year celebration with Mother at this month end. We're gonna stay at a place I have long dream to set foot upon. It's somewhere near the town but with view super magic. I've seen pictures from friends' albums; doubtlessly I know I will fall in love with that place.

Read: This is of important as to tell Mother regardless my excitement for the trip to SK; she is forever #1 in my love-list. Kaitan? Erk, ini memang pok silap jak untuk minta kena kasi duit belanja time jalan nanti...choii!!!

The short getaway from work thingy will be on me. Kaedah memujuk? Right, comel enough huh! It's a bribe treat to dear Mother because I'll be leaving her alone in the house for more than a week next month. The middle brother will be back to his second hometown on the 23rd this month. Definitely Mother will be home alone when I leave for the trip. Aduh, half diri adalah risau.

I pray for things to sail smooth. And for life to treat me well. Fair. Insya Allah, amin.


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Malicious Mind said...

hahaha mmg haru tu ging. ada staff tidak dpt pegi umrah gara2 kena blacklisted di imigresen.

BibiErr Karim said...

Sadis ah klu time mo p umrah tu yang xlepas. Klu tempat lain bole lagi ok nextime. Tapi if it's Mecca, tatap hati hancurS!

isabelle said...

oiii..x aci la bie.
benci arr mcm ni. taknak kawan...

kalo ko nak kwn, bwk balik souvenir utk aku tau

BibiErr Karim said...

Oiii ugutan berbau Abam Adam! Hahaha.

Insya Allah beb, ada souvenir 4u. Tp agak2 sure xsempat jmpa, pastu kenala gna khidmat posmalaysia kan.

Anonymous said...

Awk blacklist ke? Settlekn sume to avoid any hassle at d'airport nnt.

BibiErr Karim said...

Boleh x pelik why oh why awak dok muncul kat blog ni. Sila sila buat bz ngan keje ye.

p/s Insya Allah lepas. Kalau x, harus lah awak kena tolong uruskan. Wakakaka.

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