4 January 2012

Meaningful Initiator

On new year's eve, I was at 1Borneo. Had dinner & late movie date. Went back nearly midnight...the half moon wreathed with light I saw on the way home took my breathe away. As if the wonderful sunset in the evening wasn't enough to steal my attention. View of the half moon made my night...perfect ways to wrap my 2011. 

I was supposed to join the brothers & cousins at one of the place nearby; unfortunately I didn't make it. Lucky wakil ada untuk sumbang kehadiran! 

After the fireworks show by the neighbours, I decided to finish the work I was assigned for Ewan's party the next day. I hopped on my bed & continue to complete the task. Multi tasking I was. Texting & chatting at the same time. And I fell asleep! Woke up the next morning, with the mobile on my right hand & shawl on the left. Messy bed!!!...scissors, pieces of felts & whatnots scattered everywhere around me. Not a good image for a lass who is turning 30 this year. 

Tidur dalam keadaan mengantuk gaban, katil bersepah = Tanda pemalas TIADA ampun. 

Anyways, long story short. I spent my very first day of 2012 at Laura's place. It's our little man's full moon birthday party. Bless him! So now lets move to pictures. I am done talking already. Woot!

 Gift from heaven! Yes I know I've said it too many times already, like I care huh.
Lovelies Grahams! Maya Linawa & Ewan Tiandun. 
 The sisters with our little man. 
 Mel! My confidante. 
 The Grahams, super love!
 Ignore Stu! It's in his blood! Coolness.
 Again, ignore Stu's pose. He purposely posed like that!
 Before leaving...group photo with the Kakak Besar is a must. 
Grunge with her trademark pose I supposed. One word; I love the sisterhood. Healthy friendship equals to healthy us! 

Perfect day to start the year. And I pray for more marvelous things to happen this year. I welcome the bad side as well...because honey, life is never a bed of roses all the time. We still need the thorns to balance everything. Chill when life knocks hard on u. It might be a sign from the Creator...for us to be careful & not be too enamored with joy. Be moderate is the key!

Loads of hugs;

7 hollered!:

N.Aima K said...

*hi laura...

Bibier..napa jg ko asyik di belakang mama budak..teknik camouflage ka tuh? kih kih nda bah..aku tau ko mo peluk dua orng sekaligus kan..

isabelle said...

xde trademark kau pun bie (pout).

BibiErr Karim said...

@Aima: Aku pn xtau npaka aku posing ayu comel di blkg tu. Betul xku perasan. Yaaa sila pecaya.

@Belle: Pouty pose da void. Itu hanya utk 2010 je. Hihihi.

Lola said...

Hiiiii aima :)

Cute jugaklah kan my fat face :p

BibiErr Karim said...

Mmg cute tp u stole handsome little man's glow. Araso.

Ernie Khairina said...

comel2 nya si maya..girigitan!

BibiErr Karim said...

Mmg. Msa sy dukung si Ewan, tiba2 dia whispered sma sy. "He is so handsome." Adeiii terpikat adik sendiri ka tu. LOL

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