7 January 2012

Makaseh Sahabat!

Semalam ada sesi soal jawab & update berita hidup terkini bersama sahabaterbaikempatbelastahun aku. Korner sana korner sini, macam mana mau filter each stories pun harus in the end semua akan terbongkar. Sesi curhat lasted for an hour due to the usual excuse; perlu pulang awal kerana rindu telah menebal dengan 'isi' rumah.

Statement last dari beliau sangat menyentuh jiwa & raga. Ok, drama yang ini ndak perlu penitisan airmata kot. Hanya wide grin & hands on chest. And mata terkatup tanda penghayatan penuh keharuan.
Dear you my;

Allah sent me you at a moment in my life
When He knew I needed a companion
Only He knew who was best for me
and knew every place I had been

Only Allah could give such a precious thing
as the gift of a companion like you
I pray everyday as our companionship grows
that you'll let me be there for you

I'll pray to Allah to soothe you
on days you're feeling blue
and when those tears are in your eyes
He'll wipe away those too

I'm sure that it was the plan of Allah
Who placed us two together
I'll pray everyday

That we remain Best Friend forever

credit to: Jacqueline A. Smith

I am ever grateful to be surrounded by so many beautiful souls in my life. To u sahabat...like u said; it's so uncool to say things as such. "That's that. U ain't loss a thing because u STILL have me."

That I know...all the time. Thanks again for ur time. For ur patience to layan this bingai toyol friend of urs.


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