11 January 2012

Duigia suminakit zou...kotoh!

Down with sickness! Boo hoo me!

I was visited by Miss Gastric early yesterday's morning. Served me right for dilly-dallying my meal time. Had my brunch at 3pm-ish because I couldn't stand the 'turbulence' in the chest. Like, something burning it's gonna explode anytime.

During dinner, I had sup ikan Mother brought from the restaurant. Nothing unusual at first. But came midnight, the stomach started making a grumbling sound. I burp incessantly. Producing too much acidic gas. And not long after, I started vomiting. 
Diarrhoea took place around 4am. I was sitting in front of Asus; chatting & surfing when these happened.  *Ok kantoi tidur lambat di situ* The loo became my favourite place since then. In & out every 10 bloody minutes. Was able to sleep after SuPra but only to be awaken an hour later by an extreme painful stomach. I feel like I have to crawl to reach the loo. It is too awful I have to bend my body to endure the pain.

Left home a little bit late. Headed to the clinic near cafe. And my, after consulting the doctor I found out it's no gastric at all. It was actually an early sign of food poisoning!!! The body has been giving signs but I failed to understand. I was given a jab to slow down the hydration. And was told to consume lots of plain water! Sebab takut kena admit & drip...harus paksa diri minum! Sedih oii.
 My stomach is full with bad bacteria hence the acidic situation; as per the big sister told me. 

After taking the meds given I took a short nap in the afternoon just now; sleep deprived kan. Wake up an hour later feeling much better. Less visit to the loo but still perut meriah berbunyi gas. Macam ada turbulence  super hebat. Loss my appetite as well. I only consumed a packet of cookies since morning. Syarat untuk menelan ubat. 

Anyways, a friend came in the evening & we chit chatted for hours. Rasanya itu sebab aku terlupa yang aku sakit. Or maybe sebab aku menahan & eventually managed to put the pain aside. Either way, I am grateful the unwell state has finally passed.

Gotta hit the sack early tonight. Mau bayar hutang tidur. Kalau ndak cukup ni, harus jap lagi penyakit lain datang.

p/s Miss Migraine sila tangguh lawatan anda! I can sense ur presence from afar u know.


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Anonymous said...

Takecare Bie.
Nk lg shat 8liter plain water daily.

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