6 December 2011

Welcome YOU to the world!!!

Oh Dear! Too many beautiful things occurred lately I forgot to even stop & share them with u. Apa ndak, trip busy layan melankoli sendiri. Ok let us stop dragging the unwanted drama scene(s) & take a big step forward. Journey in the stinky black tunnel phase shall end right now!

Kakak Besar safely gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last Sunday. 2 weeks earlier than the due date. Baby Ewan seems to cannot wait to see the world already. And celebrate the joy of Christmas with the family. 

Maya is a happy big sister! She is so excited with the arrival of her lil bro. Can't stop telling us that she has a brother already. Too cute! Worry not darling, u are still the apple of our eyes! Always, forever. 
Happy sisters visiting Kakak Besar. Grunge; expecting to give birth sometime next year. Oh dear God, thanks for the blessings!
 Kakak Maya & her aunty Pisang. 
"If u wanna hug & kiss ur brother, u have to eat first" 

Oh yeah, that was some of my dialogue to coax Maya. Kena put some threat...kalau ndak, ada budak ni terlebih charged up. Jumping around & eventually stressing the mommy. 
 Mel's turn to hold Maya. Watching lil Ewan feeding from afar. Pok silap tu orang sana siring kan. 
Baby Ewan Tiandun Graham. 

Still adjusting to his new environment. Blinking & yawning. Mother's womb is the safest & best place I shall say. Can't get to hold the baby as yet! Kecewa. But will definitely go visit them in one of these days. Together with the PPGs & Posers.

Gara2 terpengaruh chicken porridge that I fed Maya earlier; I craved for it on my way to 1Borneo. Gebang baik punya betapa terliurnya aku mahu bubur. Cuci Grunge's mind as well. And the double cheeseburger? Itu kan makanan wajib kalau singgah Mc'D jadi usah ditanya lagi ya.

Alhamdulillah, I have got my craving fix. Ndak kesenonohan! Tapi chop! Jumlah makanan itu semua diguna untuk dinner & early breakfast on Monday morning. Gigih kan aku explain. Ngek~~
My brunch, because I didn't take my breakfast prior leaving home to visit Laura. Hence explain the massive meal! Also the pale face; laper dewa ok!!



3 hollered!:

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

comelnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....dari mama sampai anak2 comelnya ha ha..more updated photos psl baby ewan ya..ish mau beranak lagi la begini ha ha

kizzy tf said...

wahhh send my congrats to laura & my hugs to baby ewan ya ^^

BibiErr Karim said...

@Aima: Oii tunggu ko Danish besar skit dlu ah. Ada ko pening nnt menjaga klu ada lagi. Hahaha. Naluri tu ba kan.

@Kizzy: Noted!! Aku mau p gigit ni esok.

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