26 December 2011

M is for Laziness?


Seriously I am drowning myself in the realm of deep sheep laziness. Pay no mind to the words please. I was supposed to wake up early today; to go to the town & settle the bills. Those bills aku ndak dapat pay online. Damn the system. 

How I wish Fuchy has an auto-pilot app so I can be in town without having to manually drive her! How I wish she knows how to get to the nearest car wash & get her body bathe. I hate seeing her all dusty. So Fuchy-less! Malu ok bawa kereta ala-kaler-pompuan tapi gila berdebu melambangkan tuan empunya super ndak menjaga kebersihan. Regardless the gloomy weather in which I assumed it will be raining this evening; Fuchy needs her bathe still.

Am gonna take my brunch while waiting for Fuchy to finish her mani-padi shower. Meeting a friend who is currently in town right now. And I have invited another friend to join us. I might continue with my gifts hunting later. Meeting adalah express...we will continue with our own plan after brunch. Haven't found the perfect gift for the beloved anakbuahS. Note the plurality.

My mind can't really think when it comes to gift for the children. I just don't know what to get for them because everytime I entered a shop, I get confused. Macam semua pun ngam...semua pun cantik. What's more when I saw something Pink? Buntang terus tu mata macam mau bawa pigi kaunter, bayar & jalan. And kids nowadays adalah truly lucky. For Christmas this year, Maya Bergaya received a mini piano from her parents. A maroon-silverish tutu made with love from her Mommy a.k.a Kakak Besar. 
*pic stolen from her Aunty Wiona's fb*
And AN IPAD from her grandpa; just because she envied what her Aunty Girly has. Menangis sangat dramatik the grandpa pun melting. Boo hoo Maya!

Opsie! I think I have to get myself ready. Before more drama triggered by the laziness embrace me. 

Joyous Christmas to all my Christian friends! 


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