18 October 2011

Subhanallah Subhanallah

Syukran syukran syukran Ya Rabb!! 

Tuesday has always been my fink-est day! Has always been...ever since I declared it as Pinky Tuesday last year. I am 100% sure I didn't do anything huge to put myself at this stage. Confidence rising up high instantly! Oh Allah, praise will always be for You.

By highlighting the word confidence...please do not associate this over-the-top excitement with windfall a.k.a durian runtuh; as per Chom called it. This is all about achievement! Oh yeah...achievement that I never thought I  would get in any of these days. It might means null for most of u people out there...but it means the world to me. Especially when I've been squawking & worrying about it for quite some times already. 

Phew, I can't seem to stop smiling since I found out about it this morning. Few more to cut off then I'll be the happiest person. Tapi sekarang ni pun memang happy gilak! Without any earnest efforts...Allah granted my wish. I must have done something good to be rewarded such gift. Alhamdulillah.

p/s Sila jangan happy berabisan Bie...learn from ur past. Bersyukur berpada2...jangan sampai kufur nikmat Allah bagi.


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2 hollered!:

kizzy tf said...

eh apa yg surprise ni? hehe

BibiErr Karim said...

Aku sungguh comel. Itu surprise dia.

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