27 October 2011

Sila Simpan Marah

Thursday smashed me hard...since early in the morning. I wasn't sure what will happen IF the anger reaches its peak; until just now. Fortunately, there was little patience left in my system. 

I tried so hard to cheer myself up. I blocked any upcoming negative thoughts from penetrating my already messed mind. Seriously I did try my very best. Forced myself to smile & laugh...I succeeded; at first. Told myself never to let my mood affected by anything/anyone. For I know, no one holds the control button in my system but me. Regardless how pissed off or irritated I started my day, I shall never take that as a reason to be in the bad mood zone for the rest of the day. Never!

Alas, all efforts went down to the drain. One of the worker triggered the anger that is in the midst of cooling down. And has cause it to boil once more. I was really on the verge of insanity just now...alhamdulillah, with the little sanity left, I managed to hold myself back together. I succeeded in swallowing my anger albeit the aftermath. Migraine woo tahan marah! I vented my anger once I stepped into the office. Phew...dada kembang kepala pusing! I nearly suffocated just now for I always found myself gasping for air whenever I'm angry. Not to mention the sweating palms. Penyakitan!

Am feeling a bit lighter after ZuPra. Ablution is forever the best remedy for a raging mind.


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3 hollered!:

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

ya ampun mcm mn ko ble buat bgtu tu?..TAHAN MARAH..perkara paaaaling sukar d buat

isabelle said...

selalu aku marah, bila dah terlambat, baru nyesal.
x best kan?

BibiErr Karim said...

@Aima: Sukar tapi alhamdulillah berjaya. Sikit ku humban sma tu extension wire ba tu tapi aku sempat lagi fikir, bidak eh buat gitu dpn tu student2. Jatuh reputasi. LOL trus klu la aku humban & kena dia, xkah cari penyakit kalau dia p report. Nah, turun naik dada menahan marah trus. Tulah ku lari trus p ofis...nnt lg bertambah geram.

@Belle: Hihihi mmg xbest. Kekadang aku pun mcm tu, da melepas baru nak nyesal bagai. Sgt xbest. p/s Amacam plan lunch kat KK arini? Hohoho.

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