9 October 2011

Sabtu-Day yang penuh kenangan!!

Currently not in the mood to scribble much. I lost words to write. So I will settle with pictures + captions. instead. Ehem, poyo mode switched on!

Last Thursday, tummy suddenly craved for something sour & spicy. And I've been feeding it with one of my favourite dish ever since then. 
This is what I called mangga totok in which totok in Kadazan means cincang (Malay) & mince /grated (English). Mixed together with shrimp paste + chillies = unexplainable!! *saliva dropping* 

Yesterday, a blogger-mukabuku-mutual friend of mine came visiting me at the cafe. We've been replying comments & tweets months before we finally get to meet each other. Alhamdulillah. Technology connects us; one of the way to make more friends. Bersilaturrahim cara moden gitu.
The famous Baby Nur Danish Rizqi. Been wanting to have him in my arms...syukur termakbul impian. And sangat geram up to this moment. He is so friendly langsung ndak takut sama stranger. Kah sebab Aunty BibiErr comel macam Danish ah. Ok, that shall pass!! Grrrrrr.
With the warm-hearted Aima; who happened to be Kizzy's ex schoolmate before Kizzy accepted the offer from YS. What a small world, yes. Berpusing2 jak circle of friends kami ni. And this meeting also a sign telling me that I shall meet Puan Azmah as well. Very soon...very very soon it will be. Insya Allah.

My final activity for yesterday. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah. Praise be only to Allah the Almighty! Allah prolongs my life & I was able to hear the talk by my favourite 'teacher'; Ustaz Kazim Elias. Honestly, aku sudah lama berangan2 mahu dengar ceramah beliau secara live. Last week I was uber excited when I read about his activity in his mukabuku wall. His schedule includes Kota Kinabalu!! Gila cepat aku panjatkan syukur sama Allah. I couldn't describe exactly what I feel at that moment apart from being so grateful! 
Reached the place right before Isya'. Performed my prayer at the mosque. Alhamdulillah sempat menjadi makmum. The talk started around 8pm. Apart from the problem with the PA system in the first 30minutes...everything went well. As always, his talk never failed to amaze me. Loaded with knowledge. Full with witticism. My du'a for ur blessed life & health ustaz.
There were few booths set up during the talk. Selling books & stuffs I addressed as meal for the soul. Got myself the 2 books above. So many books have I purchased lately I think buying the shelves is of importance right now. Will definitely get them by next week. Orderly organized books on the shelves is absolutely pleasing for the eyes. 

Watched Killer Elite last Friday night, just like what I did 'announced' in one of my previous post. Will write my review about it later. I know for sure, someone is waiting for the review. *hint to Mrs. HG*

p/s So much of tiada mood...berjela juga entry! Poyo drama!


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10 hollered!:

~ As ~ said...

InsyAllah, looking foward to see u too... ehe...

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

eh eh..tu Danish..bbboy la sayangku er..ah ah ah.. i put Nur on his name sbb nama dadinya Nur jg di depan ah ah ah..hambek..pasni..dadinya ada kawan kena pggl Nur ah ah ah..

BibiErr Karim said...

@As: Aku pun terus malu2 kucen.

@Aima: Oh yeah aku malu harus! Tapi laju jak aku kasi betul kan. LOL nnt rajin2 datanglah lagi. Aku xkisah ah kau bawa askar brapa orang, biar dorg buat mcm rumah sndr. Nama pun budak ba. Tapi sian Daniel, 'masuk air' bah tu dia tgk luas mcm padang. Excited smpi terhantuk kepala sma bucu meja.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

sa sd tingu
thx for the mobile review

BibiErr Karim said...

LOL laju jg ko baca tu review ah. No need review in the blog la kan gitu.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

bg la ba review
bru da cerita

BibiErr Karim said...

See first. I'll stop scribbling for a while. Mau concentrate sama tu buku(s) sy baru beli. Kelas kau Bie!

kizzy tf said...

haha dapat jumpa aima jg kan..ya ba kecik betul ba dunia skg.. dunia d ujung jari. punya cumil tu anak dia!

aduiii belum lagi kesempatan mau tya ko apa pengisian ustaz tu ari kan. rugi nda pg tp tulah apa blh buat...balik kg pla ba..huhu.

BibiErr Karim said...

Sukur Allah kabulkan doa jumpa dia. Ku ingat aku jadi pemalu sekali hampas. Lol. Bercrita mcm kmi dlu klasmet jak. Erk aku + sekolah agama??? Ok abaikan.

Best ceramah dia. Mcm biasa la kan sbb aku suka!!! Mesti excited lebih dr biasa. Banyak dia ajar...yang mmg buka minda & smash right onto ur face kinda advices. Lol

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

statement skolah agama tu bah..mcm kita bebahas psl agama pdhl begossip psl c kizzy ahahahah..ko tingu kiz ko tiada pun nama mu masih d seru!!

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