7 October 2011

Kepoyo-an nan Aku

It's been a while since I last set my foot at the cinema! Reaaaaaally a while. To date, I have missed watching several hot movies. Erm, fyi Johnny English doesn't comply to the term hot for me & I didn't regret even a bit for not having the opportunity to watch it. Mainly because I never watched any of Prof. R.A's films before. Call me not fun...call me boring...I am just being honest with myself. Ndak salahkan?? Sila tahu, aku bukan benci bukan dislike beliau cuma aku ndak da keinginan hatta secalit untuk menonton. Araso?

Anyhow, the last time I went to the cinema was on the 1st day of Eidulfitr. Together with the two WempitzR cousins of mine we watched Conan. And that was it. Too many movie dates had to be cancelled  due to various excuses I can't seem to recall for now. Akibat suka trip busy! Harharharharuuuuuuuuu!

Ok fine, rasa macam jahil gila buat statement di atas. As if I have zero entertainment other than hitting the cinema for movies. But again, its the fact that I can't deny I enjoyed watching movie so very much! It is the best therapy for the stress mind. What's more when my favourite actor(s) starred in the movie. Hati terangkat woot!

And speaking of the longing to go the cinema...someone asked for my company to watch movie tonight. Macam tau jak lah I so needed that kind of activity at this moment. Been working pretty comel since the cafe reopened...and I guess it is just the perfect time to loosen a bit! Gonna take the midnight show tough because I will only reached home around 8pm the earliest.
I decided to watch the movie above upon seeing his name on the screen. Oh yeah, the best man live. And it's definitely gonna be my darling Mr. John Sta*tham. *clearing throat* Again, IF u don't favour his acting or anything about him...go write about it in ur site. In this site, I am the dictator. I said whatever I want...whatever I think that is right from my point of view. Not that I cannot accept ur opinion...just that in this case I ain't need any. Drama ndak drama ndak? Ni nama dia angin minta puji berkeliaran di udara. Wah sounded too cute, isn't it.

By the way, I am in the midst of filling my jaunt plan. Been asking around for any useful tips & advices...goggling & searching for the best places to visit. And also dream of what to wear. Daydreaming is NEVER a crime. Yes?

Thanks Madu @ YangHanafi for the very very important info(s). Am gonna sit down with the Kakak Besar in one of these days to ask, ask & ask. Biar dia annoyed & irritated. For the time being, haruslah berangan melebey itu perlu. Like I said, it's never a crime.

p/s Yang!! Aku da TER-engraved nama Primar*k kat kepala. Ko nye koje lah niiiiiii. Ceh tetiba perasaan nak menyalahkan tu membuak2.


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6 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

emo jg post ko ni?

BibiErr Karim said...

Emo pasal apa? Lol sbb ada org suka mau condemn apa sy ckp dlm ni blog. Sy suka itu...dia bilang "bukan ada apa jg tu barang mau lebih2 suka". LOL hence the emo-ness.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

org terlebih suka nda buli ba pula kan
SALAH la sa selama ini ni..

BibiErr Karim said...

Salah kama tu. So jgn over suka si Oppa. Share2 sma kami. Erkkk.

ladyang said...

all i can say is..
selamat bershopping and perabes duit kat primark...hahahahahaha

BibiErr Karim said...

Kenapa aku boleh komen minah senget sorang ni ye? Hahahaha insya Allah x. Tapi aku da decide nak amik walk ko suggest tu. Harry Potter kot aku try. Hihihi ko doa la ye bukan kepoyoan. LOL

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