16 October 2011

Halfway to Realization...insya Allah!

2 am was the earliest time I hit the sack since Wednesday...and that awful behaviour has finally paid its toll on me. I went to bed at 8 last night!! Woke up at 2am but I opted to just lied on the bed & surfed the net through Mr. Sam. Got back to sleep after dawn. And woke up few hours later to mother's grumblings. Super extra cool Saturday night, yes?!

Lack of quality sleep is the best answer to my endless exhaustion. Oh, I shall definitely put the blame over my excitement for the 2012 trip. 

Without being aware of the time, I kept myself occupied with googling, searching & comparing prices. For hotels/hostels, trains etc. One very crucial part is asking few very helpful girlfriends of mine. Thank u ladies for the great tips & advices. Also the super informative links shared. Merci merci!! 

7 more months to go! Woooot! I've started allocating budget for the trip. Also some for emergency use; just to be safe. Decided to buy train ticket(s) & accommodation via online. I've got myself the Kad Tiram from the big sister already! Yay for that! Pray hard I will survive for this gonna be my first time ever on travelling alone. Thousand kilometres away from home! Different language & cultures of course. My solo Bandung trip in 2008 wouldn't be the same like this one I am sure. In Bandung, I stayed at Imot's place & everything was arranged by her prior my arrival. From the supir to the places I went. And yes, the language is of goreng kacang for me. 
Back in 2008 at Tangkuban Perahu. Visited one of the main attractions in West Java with Imot's friend. Naik kuda pink adalah antara kenangan terindah! Harus!!

For this coming trip, albeit I'll be crushing Ernie's & Jay's places...I still have to carefully plan all by myself as to avoid any inconveniences to the hostesses. Their homes is quite distant from most of the places I wish to go, thus I decided to stay elsewhere for few days. And because of the big difference in currency, I opted for hostel(s) instead. I'll be staying in a PINK dormitory; sharing with 11 other female travellers. Woot kinda adventure I so looking forward to. Enthusiastically for sure. Insya Allah all will be in great state. 

To date, I've listed down the daily things I wanna go/do there. In details they are. Oh yeah, properly plan trip this will be. Hey, blame me not for this is my first time. Hence I have to be extra scrutiny even to little things. Impromptu is so not my thing right now. Unless it skids from my initial plan when I was already there; then that would be another story. Tipikal dong kalau acara jadi lain bila di sana tapi yang penting perlu atur sebaik mungkin di sini. 

Train tickets can only be purchased 4 months prior going so I will get them later. Alhamdulillah I've secured my booking with the hostels. I already gave hints to Ernie about the places I wish to set my foot upon. Also to Jay as well. 

Phew; I still can't believe I finally hit the purchase button for the flight tickets. After so much considerations thinking weighing pros & cons.! Ala baru pigi sana pun kan, excited mangat sangat kau ni Bie!


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9 hollered!:

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

aku pun ikut excited..hey go explore the world..na bila lg time bujang mcm ni lah!!

BibiErr Karim said...

Itula tagline aku. Berhu-ha sementara masih bujang. Cheh mcm tau jak kan bila aku akan kahwin. Cecececeh!!!

namronphotography said...

jeles nya aku tgk ko naik kuda tu... huhuhu...

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

sama bah tagline kita ms bujang..jd skrg tagline ku tukar suda sementara anak masih sikit ah ah ah

isabelle said...

alaa bie..esok2 kawen, jln2 berdua lak (tu pun kalo kau tak cepat jadi bertiga) hehe

BibiErr Karim said...

@Man: Bah mari pigi Bandung kita naik kuda/donkey PINK. Hahaha xcomel eh kalau kau yg naik. Mau aku jg baru menyerlah!

@Aima: Tagline ku pakai walau suda ada laki nnt tu. Bujang suda kawin = Bersuami tanpa anak. Nnt ada anak akan ku fikir tagline lain. Hahahaharuuu!

BibiErr Karim said...

Belle!! Dengan sungguh laju aku amin kan. Bukan bertiga ye, yg berdua je dlu.

Ernie Khairina said...

ba n gam la baitu plan siap2. ilmu ko lagi banyak dari sia oh

BibiErr Karim said...

Banyak apa. Sy setakat survey2 & tnya orang. Ko sna tgk suma live. Xpa, Azwan kan rajin menyelidik tmpt2 best. Yay!!! Panjang umur ketemu kita di bumi itu!! x

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