7 July 2011

Your Anniversary...ErnieBerseri!

Loving my title...they rhymes oh so perfectly.

Exactly 4 years back; on this very date I was at Ranau together with darling(s); Kizzy , Daia & Pijut. Witnessing the solemnization & wedding reception of our beloved friend; Ernie Khairina binti Mahtar.

After the sanding. Ernie whined about being fed with only jelly. Yes, I still remember leii.

With the ladies few hours before she's officially married to Cekwan. Damn, look at our faces. So young. So pure. Oh squeeze the latter please. I'm just being vain, like I always do. Dayyum I seriously miss the double-chinless moi. Hemo lagi!

How time flies just like a blink of an eye. Ernie is now a proud mommy to a 9months old adorable boy; Aariz Afzal Muhammad bin Azwan Ezzany.

And who say three is too many? In family, word as such never existed.
p/s Ernie; siou saya curi gambar from ur blog kio. Without permission.

Like previous years...my wish remain the same dear. Please know, it is valid until the end of time. May Allah SWT bless ur marriage; and the family. Dikurniakan rezeki yang halal & murah. Beroleh barakah dunia & akhirat.

Her little family will be migrating to the UK after raya this year. As per her sms to me just now, if I can save a fix amount of money every month I can already visit her next year. Insya Allah. Wait for my mission with Pijut to be accomplish first; then only can I think of setting my foot there. For vacation it is. Not migrating. Ahaks.

Love from afar;
your beautiful & gorgeous friend *clearing throat*

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4 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

wah ada entry khas ..tengkiu, terharu ni.

ko tengok bah muka suci kita tu..macam budak skola agama (ehem!)

Thanks Err, and the rest girls..marilah datang UK, kita jalan2 dan photoshoot

BibiEr Karim said...

Hihi jangan terharu.

Muka suci berabis. Budak skolah agama ah, terjangkit aura ko tu kali.

U'r welcome. Nnt insya Allah ckup duit kami p serang rumah ko. Photoshoot ahhhh...tempting tu!

in THE name OF the WHO said...

hahahah...ismart estyle tudung ko dulu2...

BibiEr Karim said...

Oh NO! Jangan mention pasal tu tudung. My mom's style it was. Sy tumingan ikut2 tu. I know, bidak leii.

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