21 July 2011


And so yesterday I victoriously destroyed my super lazy wall & dragged my big fat ass to the jogging track. Finally!!! After months of procrastinating & delaying. Or was it years?

Many thanks to beloved girlfriends; Danne & Ell for the motivation. For inspiring. U ladies rock! For now, I may not be able to do the 10km marathon like Danne did or climb up Mount. Kinabalu twice in a year like Ell did. But rest assured ladies...I'm on my way to possessing that high spirits like urs. Aja-aja fighting!

Because I'd hung my track shoes for 3 very long years already...I decided to just walk as to avoid from any muscle cramps. I opted not to jog although I did run in the beginning just to warm up the body. After few metres of slow pace running I slowed down...and continue walking. After the first 2km round, I was surprise with myself when the eagerness to walk more arose. I was sweating madly I could feel the swift sweat flowing down at my back.

Amazingly, I wasn't exhausted at all. Nor I gasped. Because the moment I stepped my foot on the track, I was bloody worried I will collapse since I haven't been exercising for too long. Alhamdulillah, I completed 3 rounds that was equivalent to 6km; in 1 hour & 15 minutes. Thanks to the Sports Tracker apps I installed in Mr. Sam beforehand. I was able to count & monitor my walking-cum-jogging activities.

I reached home just before dusk. Everything seemed alright at first. But came midnight, I started to feel the sore at my thighs & calves. The exercise finally cracked my fat storage. There was a slight problem with my breathing as well...chest felt a bit tight up until this moment. Pfftt serve me right! I enjoyed culling fat but too lazy to get rid of the excess.

Last year, I rest the system from consuming rice for nearly a year. No exercise involved. Result was awesome. I could fit my size 26 jeans which I'd kept idle in the closet for years. But I have to honest here, albeit being able to fit my old clothes & pants my stamina is still disappointing. It remains at the lowest level. Climbing the staircase to my 2nd floor apartment is extremely tormenting. I forever feel like lacking the energy. O2 to breath is scarce.

Hence now, I seriously want to make it balance. I've been eating like a pig since Jan. Everyone could see the consequences of it. Bulging tummy. 'Elephant-trunk' arms. And my thighs are twice mother's. She mocks about my shape every now & then. Not to forget my always in exhaustion being. I never paid any attention to her but not until last week where I hardly fit in my size 29 jeans. Fact that I bought it few months back reaaaaaaaaaaaly hit me hard. And that's when I told myself...enough is enough! I gotta start exercising before it's too late. Regret is never the phase I look forward to be at.

Berjuang biar hingga tetesan darah terakhir. Janganlah poyo masa ni jak. Hampas harus jadinya kalau stop tengah jalan.


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in THE name OF the WHO said...

manakah kamu jogging?

BibiErr Karim said...

Gue sendighi kok. Sana Bukit Padang sija. Dekat & pantes. Ngek.

namronphotography said...

chaiyok la err... aku pun dah lama nda jogging ni... keep it up!

BibiErr Karim said...

Chaiyok sgt. Arini aku berjaya buat 1 round shj sbb migraine. Uhuk sedih.

FifieJay said...

ngam la tu. mari kita bersenam. by the time our age reach 40, susah suda tu mau kc ilang itu lemaksssss

BibiErr Karim said...

Nasib my age undur ni...xpandai increase. Hahaha mcm Benjamin Button knun.

Fie, u go read link yg d entry sy Children oh Anak. Sure ko emo sakit hati tu. Ngeh~~~

in THE name OF the WHO said...

will "visit" there once rio's back to KK soil

BibiErr Karim said...

Lama sdh ko xbersport kan. Ngam la spend time sna nnt. Sy pigi sendiri...siok layan jiwang2. Lol

CrazieSexaCool said...


1 step at a time. Try this.

Week 1 - Walk 3 min, run 3 min
Week 2 - Walk 2 min, run 4 min
Week 3 - Walk 1 min, run 5 min

Then gradually build it up.. I oso start small.. Now I can do 45 mins without stopping or walking.. I even did 10km without stopping.. Just run at ur own comfortable pace. U may be slow, u may b fast but important thing, u dont stop.. dulu kan 1km mcm sa rasa mo pingsan, after a while.. 5km mcm teda tu rasa.. hehe.. well, doesnt matter brapa tu distance yg penting u got ur heart rate up which is important for health :))

So, here's wishing u gud luck! well, wishing US gud luck.. haha :p

ps: it may get bored after awhile.. if u love music, try run with music.. reaaaly makes a difrence.. haha! klu nda pun, cuci mata sija laaa.. pu ok jugaaa.. haha

BibiErr Karim said...

DANNE! Thanks for the tips!

Ni lah org bilang senior yg bersuara. Gosh u did 10km without stopping? Salute toing2 oh. I can't wait to feel yg '5km mcm teda tu rasa'. Lol

What's more important is the heart rate la. All the best to US! *tapap buhus*

Btw, mmg I put on the earphone tu. Can't bear dgr bunyi tu keta sna bukit. Plus if I run with music time seems to fly so fast. Mcm baru sija sy start. Hihihi.


Anonymous said...

Chibi dah bersalin.
Tak lawak eh?

BibiErr Karim said...

TaKlajar sgt leii. Comel je anak2 dia yg ko mms tu. Aku gegham!

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