14 July 2011

Missing Dobby! Sayonara Tom Riddles!

And so it has finally come to an end. I watched the final series of the film just now. Good bye wizards, good bye Hogwarts, good everyone & everything associated to Harry Potter film series. Most of all, au revoir to the trio. Harry; Ron & Hermione.

10 years has it been since the first installation was released. They are all grown-ups already. God, I feel old. Hemo.

He is now a free elf. Dobby lies in a grave at Shell Cottage. Resting place Harry manually digs; without using his magical powers. Sob sob sob. Hemo lagi.

Surprise no more u shall be when I say I'm gonna do a movie marathon of Harry Potters in one of these days. Mother wants to watch the franchise together as she has never watched any of the previous series before. Although having the original discs at home. Woot!

And I can't wait for the Ghost Protocol to be executed by Mr. Cruise. Another impossible mission is gonna hit the cinema this December. Insya Allah.


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