9 July 2011

Kapla Shaket!

Oh God...migraine attack the moment I opened my eyes this morning. Slight change over my sleeping hours has got to be the reason. I woke up 2 hours late than I normally do. Head spinning; nauseated. Tried diverting the unwell feeling by doing the house chores. Failed big time! And I seriously thought a cuppa might help lessen the throbbing pain...wrong idea. It made the head twinge.

So I decided to take a rest. Hindered myself from sitting in front of the lappy for too long. I entertained myself 'with' the Kardashian's family. I wanted to bake the marble cheese cake my preggo SIL craves for. She's been pestering me to make it ever since I uploaded a pic of it in my mukabuku. And I promised her I'll make one soon I came back from my Kolumpur holiday. Weeks has it been yet still no cake baked. Aduyai!

Just to make things more devastating and melancholy, there's not enough egg left to even make half the cake. Due to the scorching sun I refused the idea to go out to the nearby shop as well.

Will buy the things needed tonight with mother. We're planning to go out to Perdana Park later this evening. Haven't set my foot there since it's opened to the public last year. Boo hoo!

I just wish this pain subside soon. Insya Allah.


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in THE name OF the WHO said...

sa pn kena migrain attack yesterday evening...
myb becoz bangun lmbt
sa sm rio p tingu wayang, sakit2 sd kepala
sampai rumah, hit the bed with my make up on and x tukar baju...

BibiEr Karim said...

Tula kotoh to both of us. Never messed with the sleeping hours anymore.
Wayang apa ko tgk leii? Sy rindu mau tgk wayang but currently I'm so not into the zone oo. Pelik bin ajaib kan.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

jim carrey popper's penguin
ko nda minat dia kan
but a light hearted comedy film

ya ba
sa besa bangun jam 6 libih2
or 7 libih2

saw your 2 latest posts
I like it

BibiEr Karim said...

Erk mmg xminat. Ada crita bf sy; si Jason Statham. Blitz! Mcm mau pigi tgk ni.

Ni ari sy bangun extra awal dari biasa. Mau kasi balance balik tu sleeping pattern sy. Bluek.

Hihi sy sngj xopen comment. Azam baru. LOL klu sesi curhat, biar remain zero-comment. Poyos!

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