4 July 2011

Emo gilerrrr

It's been raining cats & dogs here in KK since last week. Alhamdulillah for the pouring Ya Rabb. I no longer whine nor gripe about the super hot weather. At time as such, I could feel as if the heat is penetrating my bones! Biting, cracking them into pieces. Ok enough with the drama already.

Things treated me pretty hard the other day. I don't feel like crawling. Let alone walking. Hence I chose to activate the hibernation mode. Never did I know some friends would notice my silence state. I am truly flattered; I really am. Hibernation occurred when I opted to isolate myself from the outside world. I caged myself at home. Yet virtually keeping in touch with friends. I don't feel like talking to anyone. Just not directly. I rejected phone calls & only responded to text messages. Worst; I stayed idle when 1 of the neighbour knocked my door. *sigh* I know; it was such a horrible attitude. Ugly to be exact. But I just can't be bothered!

Alhamdulillah, as the day rolled by I feel much lighter. And relieved. No more heavy 'bricks' on my shoulders; my chest. Pooof & they're gone. Syukran Allah for listening although there are times I refused to listen to what U said. I came to You only when I'm in despair. Yet never once did You ever leave me alone. Alhamdulillah for this feeling. Praise will always be for You.

I managed to get myself out of the cage yesterday. After so many coaxing & persuasions; Miss Err eventually decided to break the chain that has been tying her neck up. Going out is the key to balance my sanity; I know. Hence the decision to visit Aunty in Putatan. Konon breakfast! Rupanya aktiviti penenangan jiwa. Kdrama pun siap dikasi jadi faktor pencetus tenang. Choiii. As soon as I let myself out, things slowly coordinating themselves back to normal. Came evening, all is back to position. I am sane again! Syukur.


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