6 July 2011

Awok kata gudbai

Good bye sorrow phase...sayonara dark tunnel...au revoir ruefulness. I wish we do not have to see each other anymore; well at least not in one of these days perhaps. For I know I won't be where I stand right now if I weren't given the chances to travel through your rough yet rewarding passages. Endless-nya hidup without trials & hurdles. Alhamdulillah for everything Ya Rabb.
Anyhow, it's a sweaty Weds for me today. Renovation work at the office has finished. So I took the free time rearranging everything. Yes, free time bebeh! Too many things loaded into the office during the semester break as to avoid larceny. And yeah, office did resembled a ship wrecked. Messy to the max it suffocate me if I were to spend much time there. During the time of renovation, I spent most of my times outside. Else I'll go to mother's; helping her at the counter during lunch hour. Now that the office looks fresher & neat and paint-scent no more...I guess I shall be spending my time sitting in there. Speaking of makan gaji buta?? Fine!

Tomorrow the tukang will start painting the walls outside the office. Also the pillars. The original colour has turned dull; less attractive. Thank God; Bungsu managed to choose a truly 'digestible to the eyes' new paint colour. Orange no more the pillars are for maroon is going to be their new coat. And the office too will change it's skin. Green bebeh. It's Nabi Muhammad (pbuh) favourite colour. Also late Aunt's. And considering green represents calmness & tranquility...I have no further objection against his choice this time.

Next week I'll start acting busy juggling matters at the Indonesian Consul & Immigration Department. It's the work visa(s) renewal thingy 'season' for me! I can already smell dizziness, sweats from afar. And stresses? And mood swings? Phew I hope I will remain sane & cool during the process. Until all are done; perhaps.

Cik Err!! Kalau mau vent out the anger, sila buat dalam kandang pejabat sendiri. U're allowed to punch & kick whatever things around u as long as it is perform in your office. If u wish to bambu; swear; curse...do so by putting a mirror in front of u. Baru kick tinguk muka sendiri bidak macam naga! Hemo hemo.

-kau ada??-

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