11 December 2010

Wii Wii

It's almost 2am & I couldn't sail to dreamland as yet. Too much stuffing the tummy just now...I feel extremely guilty to myself. Iya, guilty KUNUN ada. Been acting like a pure glutton since early this week. I feel hungry 24/7. Guess I've successfully nurture a hunger beast, huh. Beast that can only stay inside the stomach & grow there. It can't withstand the weather/temperature outside. I'll try my best to snap his picture later on...kena guna camera mikroskopik nampak gaya since there's no way he's gonna come out. Oh yeah, merapu tengah malam.

I seriously hope I could get this post published by tonight. Oh please jangan tidur without completing what u've started Bie. Buruk ok perangai gitu. Mode: Omelan kata chenta untuk diri sendiri.

Cafe is trying hard to get some sleep near my right foot. In which he chose to be his pillow for now. He mumbled & meowed for hours just to make me step in the bedroom & sleep with him. Lagi bidak, memaksa bawa tidur. I wasn't ready to hit the sack so I pretended as if I'm going to. He joined me not long after. Because I was pretty confident he won't wake up if I moved away from the bed...it surprised me when I suddenly feel like being bitten at the foot soon after I got myself up. Cafe main buyuk...unfair ok kalau pakai gigit segala. Ugh

Cheeloh is already asleep while I type this. Corridor at my right hand side...also in her deep sleep. Harus tidur dengan pose kangkangan maut ok. I want to resume saving Princess Isabelle *erm Belle, bukan u ok* but guess that has to wait, Cafe is still awake. I don't want him to disturb my concentration playing game with his oh-so-annoying ear piercing meow. I lurve the children nonetheless. Albeit their head throbbing behaviour in times.

Supposely I have wedding to attend at 11 this morning. Mel has thing to do & couldn't come to the solemnization. So I think I'm not coming either. Don't wanna get lost in searching for Sari's house; alone. Ok I heard u, lame excuse! But we definitely will attend the reception tomorrow. With Nor as the guide of course.

*yawn* teary eyes. I think it's time to sail already. Will update more later.


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