3 October 2010

CutiCuti: Bali Day 1 - LCCT to Ngurahrai Airport & Dinner at Jimbaran

My Sunday started with breakfast with the big sister at Wan2 restaurant in Bundusan. And headed to Kepayan for friend's engagement. We were there for a job assignment...apart from being 'kawan yang menghadiri'. Ahaks.

Sireh junjung. Adat dilupa jangan. Sesi pantun memantun pun best tadi.

Oopsie my bad. Kain adalah tertinggal untuk disnap.

The rest of the pictures are still 'under construction'. Please be patient with moi. Thanks.

Ok let's go back to my mission. That is to update my outdated trip with the bff(s).

Proudly announced that I missed my flight early that morning. I was supposed to be on board at 9am but I got stuck in a massive traffic congestion in Kolumpur...arrived late for check-in. Hence required me to purchase a NEW flight ticket.

Maka leburlah plan solely me moment di Denpasar. Alkisah konon akan arrived Ngurahrai Airport 6 hours ahead of the rest. Ended up bangas menunggu yang lain di LCCT adalah. Uhuk.

While waiting for them to arrive that evening I killed the time browsing the net. I had the time to write about the fabulous experience as well. Refer here Tongol Side Emerged. It was one helluva day for me...the melancholy being is in vague no more from that day onwards. Senang hati dia tunjukkan diri sama orang...hampas!

Reunited again. Turak's plan to throw banter at me; failed big time. Boo hoo him. And I love myself for not noticing his not so clever plan until Grunge told me.
Despite everything, we touched down Bali all in 1 piece. Alhamdulillah. Dengan rasmi juga, sang demam menyerang gue on the way to Bali. I shivered badly on board. Thanks to Unang for being concern & lending me her pashmina to cover my shaking body.
The reception counter at Pura Dewa Bharata Hotel, Seminyak. The intricate decorations amazed me.
The not-so-well moi...posing itu harus senyum lebar. Sekian.
Dinner at the well known place in Bali. Di tepian laut gitu...sepoi2 bahasa angin malam tu. Capek tapi kami adalah enjoyed gila babas.

Before heading back to the hotel.
The living area is at the outside of our room. How cool is that.
Girls just wanna have fun. In our spacious deluxe room. 
The bed is big enough to accommodate us four. Not to mention the wide bathroom. sigh sigh sigh I wanna go back to Bali. Like; now!

Our 2nd day in Bali akan gue update nanti, ya.


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