2 October 2010


Yes...I am more than alert that the post about my trip to Kolumpur & Bali with the bff(s) is way too late. Outdated. But H to the H.E.C.K; it's my site anyway. Wah gitu saiko gaban.

Fact to be known is that I freaking miss those amazing moments I spent with them. It was our first time going out of the country...together. 10 years of friendship. Despite only being close to each other few years back. Well except for some of us who can't seem to be separated. Especially Laura, Mel, Turak & yours truly. No matter how far the distant laid before us...we never failed to keep in touch.

Here go some pictures of us...the day we left KK for Kolumpur.
7 of us departed from KK Terminal 2 airport on the 27 June 2010
We just love the flashes...walau di mana jua berada
Upon arriving LCCT, Sepang
Reunited with the last Poser Jonathan J. Solidau*; who works in Kolumpur. Spent overnight there. Ladies stayed at Angah's while the guys at Turak's.

We had dinner at the food court Mid Valley before proceeding with a midnight movie session. Night & Day was the film we watched. Gila kau best; first time tinguk wayang ramai2 di tempat orang bersama nafas2 gue.

ugh ugh I so miss those times! There's gonna be more trip(s) in the future. Insya Allah. But for the coming trip, the ladies has already set up our own plan. Without the Posers. All the single ladies also the married one(s) will be somewhere soonest.

Soonest as in next year. Ohoo lepas Unang delivered her baby & Grunge got married it is. This time around, Mel will join us for sure. If she backs off like what she did with the previous plan, we're so gonna screw her bad. Wah gitu saiko lagi.

Seriously, this feeling sweeping me up tonight is so making me numbF. Gotta get rid of it before it eats me. I will update more about the trip in next entry. Pictures update will it be. Gue adalah malas mau bercerita panjang itu ini. If mau tau pasal certain places, google lah ah. Pictures from Grunge + Rio's e-day pun belum upload. Hancur!

4 hollered!:

linawa said...

more is better! LOL i miss it too :((

BibiEr Karim said...

More what? Pics or PPGs who join? Im waiting for more update from ur site darling. xxx

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