11 October 2010

Awa awa...oh awa awa

Di awal pagi one of the staff kejangkitan penyakit DQ aku. Well at least her case was more realistic & she didn't try to be extra melancholic. Slightly better than moi. Alkisahnyer, while trying to ignite the fire to cook the rice...the flame suddenly became interested to get to know burn 2 of her right fingers & arm's hair. Jadilah kureng seksi.

Upon being told about the accident, I rushed to the cafe. Only to witnessed her right hands has been grimed with soy sauce. Ok silakan join ketawa sebab aku adalah kelucuan. My whole life I've never; I repeat NEVER knew that such sauce can help lessen the burning sore. Even the doctor laughed upon seeing the blackened arm. Macam2 karenah staffs aku...headache is like sort of gift they give me almost everyday. Dealing & mingling with them have made me viewed life in a way different perspective. They taught me to be grateful with life regardless what is thrown unto me. And for that I feel bless to have known & be surrounded by them. Ok ditto the emo DQ mode.

Weather's been not so good last week. It was burning hot in the afternoon & next it poured heavily towards the evening. Last night, Laura arrived tamu gadang hours earlier than us & as I was getting ready to join her...I received her text telling that a violent storm has 'visited' the tamu. And so we canceled the plan. Was thinking of going tonight but Laura's in Tawau until Weds.

Woot obviously I've forgotten to share that great news huh...big sister is finally working & sweating herself. After months of going gaga & complaining no one to accompany her go shopping & wandered the town because all her sisters are working.

Note: Kami semua adalah kuli makan gaji...none of us are boss. Therefore ndak boleh suka suki berkeluaran. Sekian.

Laura's currently working with a local semi-gov company that has something to do with palm plantation. Punya saiko cipan. Like; perlukah explain panjang lebar. Why not just mention the company's name instead. Ohoo it is mainly because I enjoyed exaggerating fact. Overstating; so to say.

All of us sisters are now working...ehem, speaking of independent woman ya'll. That also means kami kena bijak mengatur cuti. Except for moi, of course. Because I can only have long vacation during the semester break. Other than that, I restricted myself to only apply one day leave the most. Not that I can't take more than a day but otak ada, kena guna. Ara? Running an eatery place means I have to sacrifice half of my leisure time. Hence the reason why I chose to spend my Sun to the utmost. Simply because I want to destress my mind also kendurkan urat yang menegang.

Oh gloomy weather...please stay cloudy all day long. And only rain tomorrow for I wanna go mencemar tapakaki to tamu gadang later tonight. If it rains, we will definitely go; still. Nanti tu 2 orang pasangan tunang tarik muka nan masam susah jiwa gue.

To end this...I with great delight wanna announce to the world; I love Stefan! To the core. Just finished watching VD2 Ep5 for the second time...ugh jiwa ada lohong.


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