11 June 2010

What a bless Friday it is for me. Day started great. Great as in great great. Alhamdulillah, masih ada peluang hirup udara di bumi.

Last night I didn't get to sleep well although I went to bed early. Itchiness attack. I can't stop scratching. Some area around the chest started to smart. Ada bintat kecil that look like insect bites all over the area too. Baru berturutan lagi rasa gatal...kejap di kaki, kejap di muka, kejap di lengan. Ugh is this what the snake has to go through when they change skin? I blame no one but my eating habit. Seafood is a big no-no for me. But being the stubborn lass that I am...harus la selalu jak ndak da pantang kalau sudah makan. Ala cubit sikit jak bukan makan banyak. Now, hasil dari cubit sikit accumulated. Bergaruan la sudah macam munyit cari kutu ndak kira masa. Serve me right.
Pasni akan avoid any seafood-base food. Ndak ku tahan azab menggaru ni...uhuk belum di dunia sana sudah lemah. Disobey hukum badan, itchiness strike. Disobey hukum Dia, baru la kau merasa azab sebenar cik Err.
Today like any other days since the semester break...boring. I killed the time arranging & sorting out the activities we're going to do in Bali. I never knew I'm good with map until this morning. I must have been a very good student during the Geography class back in high school. Puan Norhayati must be proud if she finds out about this.
I listed down the well-known & famous places first. And base on the location of our hotel, & later the vila I sort out the places-to-go accordingly. From the farthest to the nearest. An unplanned holiday sounds great...but that only work when u travel in a small group. It's going to be 8 of us; harus la kami ndak mau kelam kabut di sana kan. Time di sana baru mengharukan diri picking the best places to go...not only we who suffer severe headache, the supir might as well imigraine *migraine*.
Therefore, blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comattention to the Munyit friends of mine...our itinerary is already being finalized. Sepa suruh kamu lantik saya jadi project manager; trus la saya ondos gila kuasa. If anything mau tambah or rasa mau tukar, just let me know. Saya ondos yang tolerable. Sekian.

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