5 June 2010

The 'unconcerns' ladies *minus moi of course*

Peeps...just so u know, last night adalah sesi luah perasaan pasal LBS.I pour my heart's contents out. Tapi sangat keji & kejam...the ladies chose to not entertained my curhat session.Mentanglah they don't watch Malay movies. They laughed & ignored me...benci benci benci. See, 3x benci ok. Means saya betul marah ni sama kamurang. Sila tahu, thanks.

Lucky, Syl + Unang joined us later that night. They just got back from watching LBS. So at least there's still friends who listened to my luahan perasaan. Tiada guna tu 3 ladies...langsung tiada sensitivity. Specially Laura & Grunge. Credit for Memel though since she did show a lil bit of concern towards my mourning.

Enough with LBS now...walau aku akan berada dalam grieving phase ni for a week. I'm done dragging people with my drama. Biarlah aku dengan cinematografi ku sendiri. Being the director for my own drama...harus enjoyed tahap gaban.Anyways, today adalah public holiday for Malaysians. Alkisah, it's the Agung's birthday. Daulat tuanku.

Went out for breakfast with mother at Kak Nong this morning. Had my favorite kuetiau goreng basah (ayam) & teh tarik iced. Bliss Saturday morning. Konon ordered roti canai from Grunge; but c madam besar started her ceramah titled 'aku lapar' right after she finished her shower & before she gets into more detail I suggested that we go out instead. I wasn't even done with my laundry... Oh by the way, Grunge's not selling roti canai or whatsoever connected to roti. She's coming over to my place...trading choc she bought in Labuan with my ever classic 12 years old LBS novel.TIPU. Boleh jak kau pecaya aku trade novel kesayangan tu sama choc yang akan habis dibaham in less than a day? Haruslah itu sesi meminjam. Since I've been talking about the oh-so-not-my-level-of-expectation movie & comparing it with the novel...Grunge macam ada semangat tersuntik untuk baca. Terror juga aku jadi pelaris ni.

Laura did read the novel years back. Even dia ndak ingat the whole story but when ada certain parts kalau aku mentioned...dia macam recall something. Specially when I said out the names; Kasyah & Ayu. Tapi bila aku meraung movie ndak best, diorang bo-layan. Nanti di Bali I won't join u ladies night outing...I wanna stay at the spa centre; enjoyed my body massage. Alone.
Speaking of Bali...hati teruja. Macamexcitement increase to another level.Hope everything will be just fine...before & during & after the trip. Mel will not be joining...sedih. Gonna make sure next year trip dia akan ikut serta. Harus. Grunge's been hollering Bandung all this while...kita tinguk hasil meeting ahli majlis nanti ah. Because Laura's thinking of going to Phuket. While me; hanya menurut majoriti. All is fine with me except Phil. IF there's proper guide & plan, I'll consider of going to Phil.

Just for the record, I'm actually dying to go to Cambodia. Khmer Rouge killing fields attracts my attention big time. Architecture & art; are something I never get bored with. And I will not think twice about cancelling my shopping agenda when it comes to them. Betul, aku adalah serius.

4 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

hey hey hey!!!!
we dun layan ko pny drama sbb ko terlamapu emo!!!

sioks tu novel.. mo separuh sd sa bca...

bandung ok!!!
cambodia ok!!!
phuket ok but phil mst ada ramai guys baru rs selamat sikit.....

so can not wait!!!

BibiEr Karim said...

1. Manada terlampau emo. Sy neutral ok tu. Meluahkan rasa hati yg geram.

2. Separuh? Mmg la ko jg kan harapan. See I told u siok. Unlike the movie sgt jiwa-less.

3. I still know, Bandung plg top ur list kan. Phil mmg list blkg2 klu sy la.

4. Me too. Siokness. Turaks p Phil tu 15June ni.

Memel said...

sy smua ok!! mwahaha. last year sya suppose p phil tp x pigi. hehe. sy kan selalu bili tix tp end up x pigi, mwahaha. bah next year i'm in!! :p

BibiEr Karim said...

Ko tinguk ah kalau ko xjadi pigi. Sy guring ko sma tu ayam sna cafe. Hahaha.

Sy suda msg kamurang sna fb kan psl tu next year's plan. God's willing; akan menjadi jg tu. Jd sila start2 kumpul duit ah. Jgn nnt kasi alasan, aiso usin. Sy rotan nnt.

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