21 June 2010

Those shuddery spots are killing my mood..

Alhamdulillah I had a great & worthful weekend... I’m bless with contentment & intense joy.

Early Saturday morning, Laura forced & threatened dragged me to the boat race at Public Park, Likas Bay. She’s being invited by Maya’s teacher; kunun buat charity work. Sekali tinguk paling banyak gambar posing kami sija. Menjelang noon, we headed to Tg Aru with Ebeth & cos. Konon continue posing...it’s their bff photo session. Cuba try test KK market for Linawa Photography. Mesti ada portfolio untuk bagi benda ni jalan lancar. Laura sent me back & reached home at 2pm.

Accompanied by mother, I went to watch Sex & The City 2 later that evening. We were 10 minutes of late to enter the hall but luckily we didn’t miss much. Thanks to me for stopping by to withdraw money. Promised mother I’ll be all ready by 7pm but being the well known time dragger that I am, we left the house 20 minutes late than the scheduled time. Also millionth thanks to my light dinner session at Yoyo Cafe in Lintas. Finally, the bubble/pearl is back. No longer kempunan of bubble drink for cik Err.

Arrived Suria Sabah at 825pm & the show has started. There’s a pretty long queue at the ticket counter when we reached the cinema lobby. While lining up to purchase our tickets, mother told me to switch to A-Team if SATC has long started. I nodded straight away to her ‘command’. I don’t mind watching that flick for the 2nd time because I know it’s worth my money.

The ticket lady told me if I still wanted to purchase the ticket I probably have missed SATC intro scene. But I don’t mind missing the intro part...as long as I can watch the movie. Nasib ndak dapat class kambing.

I rated this movie 5 out of 5. Wah there I go again...me playing with numbers. Malar dari hari tu lagi. Those who haven’t watched this movie...better get ur ass to the cinema. Especially for those who need to loosen up the tenseness. Those foursome wonderful awesome ladies will definitely untangle ur twisted mind. But be warned though...SATC is an 18sx rated flick. Jadi sila buka minda awal before proceeding with ur intention to watch.

Enough of my Saturday...
Yesterday, had breakfast with mother at Kak Nong’s cafe near home. Sedap2 makan, harus malu di situ sebab baru perasan duit dalam purse hanya tinggal RM1. Pucat kau. Luckily the bank is just in the vicinity of the cafe. Mother saved our kemaluan life. Sebab aku masih tengah melantak jadinya dialah yang kena pigi withdraw duit. Lalala~~bangga gaban.

After breakfast, went straight to Putatan. Some of the family went to late Aunt Ana, nenek & datuk resting place. Misi utama: Mau pasang tiles rumah baru aunty. And also kasi bersih their places. Alhamdulillah all went well. Pastu lunch ramai2 at aunt Adie’s house. I made the lunch...sekian. Balik dari Putatan, had tea with Laura & Maya at Upperstar, Lintas. And killed my Sunday night watching the WC match between Italy & NZ.

Thing I dislike about myself when watching a football match; I enjoyed stressing the mind. Yang nafas fluctuate kalau penalty...yang tahan nafas kalau agak2 the player gets the shot to score a goal. Hampas betul. Bila game habis, aku pun tercungap kepenatan. As if I played as well.

Mission to watch the match early this morning, failed. Overslept. And clumsiness was my first name this morning. I left both my phones at home. Only realized it upon reaching mother’s office.

At this very moment, I’m feeling a bit suffocated. Macam ada batu stuck in my chest I couldn’t breathe properly. Ni mesti kes bola semalam...still can’t get over it.

Before I pen off...quick update on my gatal2 miang case. It’s getting worse by now. I can’t help myself but to scratch more. The scariest part finally occurred...thing that I’ve been worrying & fearing about. Muka gue sudah selamat menerima kehadiran few spots. I think I should wear gloves when I sleep. I don’t know when did I do that...obviously memang time ndak sedar diri ketiduran. Sudah ada lecetan di sebelah kiri bibir...kebidakan gaban. I really wish those spots will vanish before the weekend comes. Like; really really wish. I pray hard kama ni.

5 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

Laura said u din go 4 ur appointment...... grrrr!!!!!!!

BibiEr Karim said...

Sudah jumpa..sy kena jabbed. Damn it, sy skit teriak dlm tu bilik. Jahat punya doc.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

hahahha.... post ko yg di atas ko ckp x sakit...wakakakaka...so u think i wont check ur previous post la...wakakakak

BibiEr Karim said...

Sikit sija sy teriak ba tu...yg cute ni bunyi dia.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

cute...hahahahhahaha......... I wish!!! hahahhahah

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