26 June 2010

Something came up this morning & tore down my excitement. After being madly in anger last night...I guess that thing still hasn't leave me yet. It still cling with me & wants to prolong to torture my mind.

Seems that I did not worry for nothing the whole week. I always know I can trust my intuition. I've been having that uncertain heart beat weeks before this trip. And I wondered all this while what will that thing be. My Q has finally been answered. Leaving the catering order & chose to not worry about it; were the stupidest things to do. I am still in KK yet problems already occurred...TWICE.

Oh my....aku betul diuji. Allah mahu aku sedar di mana bumi aku berpijak. Supaya ndak lupa diri lupa daratan lupa tatasusila lupa adat once I reached Bali. Insya Allah, semua kan baik2 sahaja. Amin.

Come to think of it...this situation memang boleh dihandle. Buat apa juga aku peningkan kepala & kill my mood over the trip. Who said I couldn't kill 2 birds in 1 time. Chewah adage gitu. Aku tetap akan berkerjaan sambil bercutian. I know it would be fun...as long as I keep myself away from stress. And stop rarifying. Benda kicil jak...pasti ada solution.

Will leave u now...gotta get ready to fetch Grunge & Rio. Flight will be at 1230hours. Ndak kesabaran to spend my Saturday night in Kolumpur with the bestest & coolest friends of mine. It's gonna be our 1st night together there...definitely won't be our last. Harus best & enjoy gila.

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