12 June 2010

Movie Junky that I am...

One heaven of a flick...laughing my heart out loud till the end.

Ok so last night was the above movie session with Memel. Still clinging onto the frustration over LBS flick...I stop browsing the net & refuse to know any new movies release. Yes, elaborating the devastation.

But one of Ijal's status in mukabuku changed everything. He listed down the upcoming must-watch movies. I saw Killers & Ashton Kutcher. So I bing-ed. And The A-team appears on the screen for 'more upcoming 2010 movies' link. Dan di sana la segalanya bermula.

Ok enough with the laughing. Sejujurnya, cerita tu gila best. 4 thumbs up. And wanna know my rate? Hmmp to be fair enough, I'll give it 6 over 5. I don't remember laughing that hard for any movies before. But with this flick? I just can't stop. Ketawa besar throughout the show. Gila wei.

I wonder why every time the orang luar made movie, they did it all out. Yes memang ada few yang cliche & so-so tapi tu kau boleh kira dengan jari ok. It's time for our industry to learn more from them. Ni hasil kita sekadar melepaskan batuk di tangga.

Janji kuota untuk buat filem in a year cukup...they don't pay any mind to quality these days. Kadang tu sedih juga when there are few directors yang ada idea best, cerita gempak...tapi ndak diambil peduli because senarai pelakon ndak menepati citarasa kita. Or even worst, leading actor/actress ndak berapa ada muka jadi talent dia harus diletak tepi. Maka terjadilah pembaziran bakat berleluasa....penonton like me juga yang kehausan cerita gempak hasil terbitan negara sendiri.
Apa mau dilentingkan kalau orang lebih sokong filem luar...they deserve all the credits. Kau mau acknowledgement gitu...do better next time. Do it from your heart. Buat dengan niat untuk kasi gembira orang. Don't tell me u can't do better just because our country against sx scenes. Lame!

Anyways, Memel will be watching it again with her colleagues. And I so gonna drag mother after this as well. Killers will be next. Unfortunately, this movie dates with mother will have to wait until my itchiness disease is over. For the time being, I am far from comfy to go out. Even now, I feel like ripping off my clothes & go au naturel. Fact that I am deprive of a good sleep annoys me more. It's been 2 nights already. Aku tidur jam 430am pagi tadi gara2 penyakit itu. I just couldn't stand the itch; the more I rub the itchier it gets. Ugh...harus akan ada date with the skin specialist next week.
Because I couldn't sleep last night...I watched another movie at home. Got the info about the film from Danne who recommended me to watch the movie & read the novel. Or read the novel & watch the movie. Either way; impact will still be the same. UNLIKE LBS, Dear John is something out of the box for me. I haven't read the book; yet I could already smell it's awesome aura. Harus mau beli tu novel.

Ever since Step Up...I fall in love with u Mr. Tatum.

And I currently waiting for another movie to complete downloading. Letters to Juliet it is. How pathetic my life is, NO? Aku adalah kehausan movie super best gara2 LBS. I really need to get over the frustration. I mean it, seriously.
Just fyi, I'm giving another extra attention to these 2 fellas from the A-Team. Isi perut aku yang terburai last night belum sempat aku urus. Masih imagine ni line2 lucu gaban dorang. Face & Murdock, u made my evening extra wow. Wonder if I can afford to hire u guys for some mission...that IF I could find u & the team. Just like what Hannibal @ Annabelle said in the movie.

Templeton 'Faceman' Peck; very the face is he.

Captain Hawling Mad Murdock; the name explains his insanity I guess.

3 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

sa pun mcm mo tingu twice..... dr awal smp akhir, non stop the joke.. non stop the action.... *and am i lost 4 words just now*... SGAT GILA!!!!!!!!! and the face character, he's the husband of the drama series ALIAS if im not mistaken.... damn!!!! SIOK GILA smp sa mo jadi tongol!! wakakakakakka.... 6 out of 5 from me too....x

BibiEr Karim said...

Siokness tahap gaban. Mari kita p tgk lagi 1x. Hahaha btl2 gila ni. Memel still blur psl tu crita coz dia bilang too fast movement frm 1 scene to anthr.

Itu ka the husband? I tot in Alias, he's the gay friend of Jennifer. Bukan the husband yg handsome tu? Ngeh, sy kegetean.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

gay? hmm..not sure..ya mmg cerita tu fast.. mmg sa ada blur sikit but sill i get the jokes very clearly..... dem... hahhaa... x siok tingu sm rio...sbb dia ketawa teragak2..klu kita2 suma, fuyohh!! konferm..melatup tu cinema.. org belakang kami, hysteria sd ketawa..hahahahhaha

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