15 June 2010

Of being a killer...

The loo has become my best friend for the past 48 hours. I guess something wrong with the regulator that controls the urine flow.
Ok lah fine...I admit. The blame shall not go to anything or anyone but me. I’ve been consuming my daily oh so irresistible coffee excessively since Saturday. 6 cups daily definitely will end up with such consequence. Padan muka.

Pfft...I hit the sack early last night. Finally. But got woken up in the middle of night by the children. Of all time, they chose 2am to play hide & seek. Police & theft. As if the lovely lass lying peacefully on the bed...sleeping soundly; didn’t exist at all. My body even became their fortress. Bengang. I was deprive of a good sleep the past few days...just when I thought I’ll be getting a good deep one last night; the children destroyed it. Sudah la I had some serious issue with the bladder before I went sailing to dreamland.

So I woke up this morning resembling a zombie. Panda eyes are so obvious. Duh, what do I expect after nights of sleep deficiency huh. I forced myself to wake up & dragged my lazy bum to work. It’s the semester break, lucky me. Orang ndak keramaian sangat di cafe jadinya aku adalah bebas buat sebarang aktiviti. Hatta untuk membongkang. But unfortunately...kalau sudah namanya ada di ofis, harus mata aku terbuntang luas. Regardless how sleepy I am before going to work...but to put myself to sleep is barely impossible. Hence I kill time watching movie online...updating this site & whatnots. Speaking of extremely dedicated poyo employee here...*clearing throat*
Nothing much to do at the office during the semester break. Cafe selenggang Sahara Desert. Might be busy with catering orders by next week though. I need to coordinate everything accordingly because some of the events will be held during my trip to Bali. sigh Hope all will go well. Poor Bungsu to have to manage the delivering by himself later. Boo hoo me for accepting the order prior looking on the dates first.
I gotta end this entry here. Mak aii selama ni ndak pernah ada proper intro to end my post...ni kali kunun tripping. Ahaks. I’ve just completed downloading Daisy; another touching KMovie. The hero with the cheeky smile was from the movie A Moment to Remember. Twit, that movie pun extra best. Take my word, u will cry buckets in spades.

Daisy (2006)

A Moment To Remember
A Moment to Remember (2004)
- this was introduced by Ijal & wifey. They even lend me the cd yang sikit mau dibuat warisan hakiki.

Ok then, its time for another date with the Koreans. Love it. Bye.

2 hollered!:

CrazieSexaCool said...

I highly3 recommend A Moment to Remember. I cried buckets after that. LOL

BibiEr Karim said...

Kan???? Sepa yg xda feeling tk tu crita, btl2 la hati batu.

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