3 June 2010

Just got back from movie date with my YS ladies.

I'm disappointed with the movie. Like; I wanna cry my heart out loud. Perhaps, I expected too much. Because it's Ahadiat's masterpiece so why would I expect less, right? I know bukan incik tu yang direct the flick...but at least opinion from the author perlu bah kan. Mesti consider because only him knows what scenes yang boleh attract penonton. Especially the readers.

Kenapa orang luar boleh buat movie yang adapted dari novel dengan vogue gila? Why can't we? Barisan pelakon pun sudah out. No offend but I don't think Lisa suits the role. For God sake she can't even produce a single tear . Padahal sah2 Ayu's character needs someone who can play well with tears.

Seriously, I laughed every time she tries to pumped her tears out. Fake gila...it's obvious enough she tries too hard. They should give Fazura plays the role. She showed up for less than 10 minutes, yet she left such a remarkable appearance. Or just let Raja Farah the role instead. She cries better. Menghayati gila watak dia even only as pembantu watak utama. And please don't ask me about the actress who plays the role as Emilia/Ayu. I feel like vomiting. Ugh. Devastated tahap gaban paling gaban.

Fine, aku DQ lebih. But please know, this came from someone who has read the great masterpiece for more than 10 times. Aku cuma meluah rasa hati. If it's not ok with u, then please leave this place.

Seems that diorang akan buat sequel for LBS. I bet they're going to film Katerina.

This time, I won't put too high an expectation anymore. I had enough with the Part 1 already. Sedih.

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ruru said...

i think samzy can play the role better than farid kamil. far far away better i guess. em, yg ayu tu fazura should be ok. hello, lisa surihani mmg tak pndai berlaon watak matang. tgk adam maya pun dah tau kan. xjiwa langsung. adaptation frm novel to film wont success in malaysia. lots thing happened. but why it success outside? aku skang tgh khatam roswell. mmg slalu keep my emotion to the max. but it's really teach me a lot.

BibiEr Karim said...


1. Aku rasa Fiz Feroz pun ok pegang role tu.

2. Serius aku pelik bila orang kata LS boleh berlakon. Xde jiwa & kecewa tahap gaban.

3. Will never success kalau dorg dok buat movie syok sendiri. Xnak terima apa orang advice & asyik nak pilih pelakon yang ada rupa. Instead of yg ada bakat.

4. Roswell citer alien dlu2 tu kan. Serius best citer tu tp aku xbrapa layan citer alien. Aku suka vampire. Kikikikik

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