22 June 2010

Itch mite...shoo away

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comAdalah dengan rasmi...punggung nan seksi ku telah dicemari dengan vaksin. I went to see Dr. J right after work yesterday. Couldn't stand the itchiness any more. I can't forbear myself from scratching forever. The intolerable hot weather worsen the situation. Heat makes me feel completely uncomfy hence moody mode rise up.

Most of the times, I think scratching is the only remedy that could ease the itch. Rubbing the skin gently isn't helping...at all. Mau membelai kulit sebegitu rupa...harusla bukan dalam gene aku kan.

The itch lessen. Alhamdulillah. But the reddish spots are visible; still. The ones on the face are slowly fading by now. Last night before I went for a date with CR, I asked mother to bathe me with Agnesia powder. Its cooling effect soothe the itchiness. And apparently for my case, comfy state vanishes the bursting anger. Thumbs up to CR as well, that awesome kick of urs made my evening. Hilang bah baki kegatalan...yang emerged hormone geletis.
From now on, I'm going to do some cleansing on the system. I need to detox. Also I am so gonna be strict with my eating habit. I will not consume food that I'm not allow to have. At least untuk waktu darurat ini. Too much toxin produce by the foods I'm allergic at; is the main cause that brings out the itch. Constant scratching / rubbing causes skin irritation which then leads the itch mite to infect the skin & eventually invite scabies. Thanks itch mite for infecting the system.

I'm gonna meet Laura after work today. C Kens hasn't shower for 2 weeks. Mother starts making statements about it already. Will be going to Wisma to bathe her & later to Pasar Besar to alter my jeans.

Tonight I'm going to sort out the clothes to bring to Bali. Punya poyo gaban. Baru pigi Indon, kalau pigi tempat jauh harus jadi macam c Carrie & bffs. Berluggage2. Pedulikan aku jadi sayur pahit sebentar....gue kok mau liburkan hati di sana nanti.

Please pray for this infection thing to end before the trip.

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hazeren_eryn said...

Harus berjalan sajak kamuk ini..best nyer..jeles akak u..eh, kamu dok sabah kan?

BibiEr Karim said...

Harus la...tahun ni ke Indon. Alhamdulillah ada rezeki lebih katanya. Ala nak jeles mende, aritu akak g Bandung kan.

A'ah skg kat Sabah. Klu ada kat KL, harus lg panjang agenda bercuti.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

Apa? ko ckp CR punya goal awesome.... are u blind or what..that's the stupidest goal i ever seen in football history...wakakakakakakkaka......

awal juga packing!!!!!

baru tau kena jarum...rasain lor..... lain kali jgn escape appoint a miss err....

hormone geletis? apa tu..... next time use baha pasar..not bahasa sains..hahahha..

eseseh... alter jeans.... brp inci lg kurang.....:p

get well soon... since we're going to jalan smp patah kaki d bali nnt...

BibiEr Karim said...

1. Xtau la tp style dia kasi goal tu mmg unsangkarable. Dlm paper kemarin ada gmbr dia goal tu. 4pics, dari start dia bawa then timbang di blkg leher then dia smbt balik then goal. Sbb ko xsuka dia tula cara dia kasi goal pun ko kritik. Cuba yg kasi goal tu org ko suka, mesti brabis ko ckp smart cara dia.

2. Mesti awal sbb sy xmau nnt byk brg sy tinggal.

3. Biarla kena jarum...xsakit punnn.

4. Geletis = getek. Manada sains tu. Deiii.

5. Bukan sbb kurang inci ok...tp sbb kuyak di kaki jd mo kasi cute2 dlu tu jeans.

6. Sy xpatah kaki tu sbb kita travel by van. Ko sija tu kali yg by superwalkertapaki. LOL but tq, sy akan sihat.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

1 i heard that the game was a set up.. that's y a stupid goal from CR pn, the korean G.keeper nda dpt tahan.. i dunno....

2 bongos... ko pikir kita tinggal sana meh mo berlunggage2.....teda org mo tolong ko angkat brg ko ok!!

3 padahal...hahhahhah

4 kuyak d kaki..ganas jg kaki ko..hahahha

5 hey...walking burn fat ok.. kill 2 birds 1 stone (quote:eppe)... sambil travel smbl bakar lemak..hahahha

BibiEr Karim said...

1. Betul ba set up? Setahu sy, Korean antara org2 yg paling setia sm country dorg tau. Hmm.

2. Kakakakaka ada bah tu kusai2 tlg sy. Manatau dpt cowok org Indon lg best.

3. Kuyak sbb bersirit2 kan tu jeans sni cafe. Mcm pilak suda sy tgk rupa tu jeans.

4. Yes trus quote Eppe la kan. Sy tgk ko jalan kaki nnt.

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