14 June 2010

Addictive Behaviour

I went to bed at 2 this morning. Still attached to the itchiness stuff. Biarlah sakit sikit...Allah sudah bagi kesenangan for nearly 28 years to me. Apalah maknanya ujian yang sedikit ni kan. Yes...baru baca artikel pasal Nabi Ayub a.s. Harus muhasabah diri kan.
Won't be making it as an excuse to not enjoying the great things life offers me. I have made an appointment with the doctor & will have a date with her this Weds. Insya Allah there's nothing serious about my health. Just a mild allergy I've been getting every now & then since I was a little kid. It's just that...the itches & rashes are getting a bit more unbearable & obvious lately. Nothing to worry, really. As soon as I get the jab & right med...all will be gone. Amin.
Ok since the movie addicted character of mine reemerged...let's talk about it instead. Berbaloi juga aku kegatalan in the middle of the night...I kill time watching my favorite movies. Thing I love doing in the past. Potato couching it is.
Ever since the aunt's passed away & I was given the responsibility to shoulder most of the works at the cafe; I have put this liking aside. Only recently when slowly things turned normal, I have the interest to engage in with what I like to do before.
So last night...I watched these. U could say, the soul is pretty embrace with sentimental emotion right now.

Romance (Movie)

Romance (2006). A Korean movie.

File:Letters to juliet poster.jpg

Letters to Juliet (2010).
It's never too late to find ur true love...that's what the movie is all about. Sepanjang pemahaman aku yang cetek bahasa Eng ni lah.

And as for now...I am struggling searching for the below flick. It's a Korean version of P.S. I Love You. I found about it while browsing the net last Saturday. Been bing-ing it ever since to download. But to no avail. Someone must have it. Even Wayar Limau didn't help much with the searching either. I am dying to watch the flick more as I finished reading the review from Dramabeans.

The Letter (1997). Dying to have this in my collection.

Having 'I will get what I want' attitude...I text a friend back in Kolumpur who did her master degree in Korea for 3 years. I know she has lots of Korean friends. Maka terjadilah aktiviti permintaan untuk dibelikan dvd tersebut direct from the country itself. Understanding the never give up me, she is more than happy to help. Yay...excited gila-ley. She'll get back to me as soon as she get news from her friends there. 당신을 감사하십시오, Puan Harlisa.

2 hollered!:

isabelle said...

syoknya dpt menonton tanpa gangguan

BibiEr Karim said...

Hi there Belle. Syok tapi bab menggaru serupa cik monyet tu xtahan. Allergy is the case.

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