9 June 2010

I was facing a pretty serious writer's block illness since Monday.
Whatever I have in mind, I can't pour them out. Seems like everything that I wanted to write...gone before I've got the chance to jot them down.

Ok fine...it's an excuse I made up for myself. I've ignored this blog for 2 days. Truth is, I've got nothing special to share. Nothing out of the ordinary to tell.

Life sails the way it should be. I didn't go out since the last time I went out. And that last time was when I met Laura over her fabric hunting at 1 Borneo; last Sunday.

An old friend called last Monday. She first asked me to guess who is on the line. And being the one with a storage box in mind; I said her name out loud without hesitation. Fyi, I recorded friends' voices & stored them in mind. Yes, I am immensely good at it.

So never assume I won't be able to recognize. Aku trace suara orang macam cd player trace lagu dalam cd. And bear in mind, they don't have expiry date. Ngeh~~

That old friend asked to meet up that evening. But something came up I won't be able to join. Hence the rest of the ladies back off as well. Saturday will be the day for us to reunite. After years of not meeting...I reckon it's gonna be a chaotic evening for us. Insya Allah jika umur masih panjang.

This morning, I chatted with Puan Ernie over YM. We talked about our dream places. And also some other places I haven't got the chance to set my feet upon but she had. Rezeki orang kan lain2. Insya Allah I will go to that places in the near future. Asal ada keyakinan & effort to reach what I want...Allah will make way for me.

Now I am in the midst of planning something. Proper it has to be for I don't want to be that "cakap ndak serupa bikin" kinda person. I'm done with talking craps...now it's time to do something serious.

I really need to convince myself that I am actually good at something. Beneficial, so to say. Talk is cheap...like I always say to myself. It's ur action that justify everything.
Will try my best to the utmost. Hingga ke tetesan darah terakhir; biarlah jadi putih macam Mahsuri. Jangan jak lupa diri kalau sudah success. Harus mau diketuk kepala gue.

Anywoot, for now I prefer to divert my attention to end of this month more. I can't really imagine what's waiting for us down there. The Munyits; is what I meant. Heart dancing to that unusual melody worried me big time. sigh I know it's not good longing for something bad to happened. I know I heard u...I've said that too many times already. Tapi ndak salah bah kan ada rasa risau tu. Aku juga manusia biasa wei...mesti ada punya rasa ndak sedap hati.

And for that, I pray for the trip to be safe. Constantly praying. Kamurang pun doakan lah kamiorang selamat pergi & kembali.

4 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

eyy cumil oh tuh emoticon!

BibiEr Karim said...

Cute kan..sy suka tu tgk dorg.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

we will be safe... do not predict the future too much k baby.. because it is not us yg menentukan...whatever may happen, it is all becos of God's will..:))

BibiEr Karim said...

Kakakak sy tau tu ko ada takut sija kan. Because like Laura; I too have power. Ok saiko.

We'll have fun there. And we'll behave. Ngeh~~can't wait. 2 more weekends.

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