13 June 2010

Great movies make me go oh-la-la

Yesterday was such a melodramatic day for me. I was literally being productive...watching movies. Ngeh~~
I sat in front of the lappy since morning. Downloading movies...browsing for great movies. And ended the session at 3am early this morning.

Oppsie jangan kau cakap aku ndak ingat dunia ngedate sm c Asus gitu lama ah. In between the My Movie with Asus session, I did took some break. Hello, aku adalah berjaya habiskan the laundry, made breakfast; lunch; tea & dinner. Also take-five untuk solat. Hanya kemalasan untuk melipat baju sahaja.
Won't be blubbing much...here's the list of oh-so-great films I mollycoddled yesterday. Ayat rasa mau ditempiling ok. Although all the films hit the screen couple of years back...I still had great time watching them. At least walau sudah bertahun cerita2 tu...the effect left to the soul & memory are certainly unforgettable.
After taking my morning bathe, while waiting for the flicks to complete buffering; I made breakfast & load the washing machine with dirty laundry. Towards evening, connection macam kura2 hence I switched off the modem for a while. Kepenatan kali dia membuffer & menloading since morning. After 15mins, switched on balik. And adalah happy connection sangat laju...online movies yang sangat laju streaming dia. No more buffering...no more loading. Direct aku menonton dari 1 part to 1 part. Kali orang sudah busy duduk depan tv meninguk bola kan. Lucky me.
I started the marathon with:

1. Trace of Love

2. Heartbreak Library

3. Il Mare; the Korean version of Lake House

And ended the session with

4. Humming

Ngeh....semua pun 1 bahasa yang sama jak kan. Obviously, my obsession towards KMovies that I developed May last year hasn't fade yet. Thanks to cousin Ezza whom introduced me to it. Beginning with Hana Yori Dango...aku ndak menoleh ke belakang lagi to continue admiring the Japanese & Korean creative products. Emosi betul2 attach with each & every characters in their films. Best.
Anywoot what with the sudden act of locking myself at the house the whole Saturday? Aku kegatalan. Hahaha ayat ni sure orang boleh misunderstand. Remember about the itchiness disease I blabbed in my previous entry? Well, that's the reason I cancelled my plan of going out. Laura & I were supposed to attend a friend's wedding in Penampang. Alas, she went there just with the husband. Sedih.
I don't really felt comfy with myself...the whole day & night. Imagine aku jadi macam munyit depan c Asus...watching movie while scratching. Nasib movies berbaloi2 untuk ditonton. I guess I need to stop addressing the bffs as munyits *including myself*. Tinguk kan badi hit me sudah. I shall stick to PowerPuffs & Posers then.

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in THE name OF the WHO said...


p/s: get well soon

BibiEr Karim said...

So sorry semua sy watched ONLINE. Hehehe go to mysoju.com. Worth ur time waiting for the buffering. Tapi kalau broadbandung mmg a bit slow la tu.

Thanks btw...I will get well before the Bali trip.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

ceh!!! ko ckp ko download.....*hancur hope*..hahahahhaha

BibiEr Karim said...

Ada yang sy dload tp xclear. And lagi hancur, xda subtitle. Sy blum pas Korean language so babaila kan.

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