17 June 2010

Bila bunga cinta berguguran...

Note: This entry has got nothing to do with the post title. Sangkyu.

Assalamualaikum. A nyeo sayo.
Pagi tadi bangun dengan keadaan paling lemau selemaunya. Saw spot of blood on the bed...ingatkan kedatangan bulan penuh rupanya bintat merah di lengan kiri aku berdarah. Hasil keganasan bila aku menggaru di kala sedang tidur. Aku dalam keadaan unconscious...jadi hilang lah ayu lemah gemalai.

Upon reaching the cafe...I received quite an annoying phone call from this guy who has been calling me since yesterday. And to date, I already received 20 missed calls from him. I’m pissed to the very core. Why the not answering attitude? It’s the best way to avoid further misunderstanding. Also to stave me off from getting more irritated. Ok wait, it's not what u might think. Ini bukan cerita kekasih bergaduh or yang sewaktu dengannya. Its just that I dislike people who enjoyed forcing me to do something. And worst still, love giving me the look as if I’m the evil queen when I opted to not respond to her/his wants.

This guy placed 1 important request & I need Bungsu’s approval to proceed. So I told him to wait for my call. I’ll get back to him once I have the approval. But he just seems to not understand the word wait. Perhaps, waiting is something that doesn’t exist in his vocab. Or something that torture his mind. Either way, aku masih ndak kesukaan kalau dipaksa. In fact, request dia tu pun ikut kerelaan hati ok. Kalau kami mau bagi, we’ll let u know. U don’t have to keep calling & chasing me as if I’m in debt with u. Argh, donation isn’t supposed to be associated with incessant phone calls.

Ni siap tanya berapa dapat bagi...bila dapat bagi...agak2 adakah sumbangan; oh dear for God sake aku kesemputan nafas. Begitu besar organization kamurang...ndak kan ndak da tabung or fund among members. Ndak kan langsung ndak da yang contribute. Bukan berkira untuk bersedekah...siapa yang ndak mau rebut pahala free kan. Yet when such situation occured... I can’t help but to be a lil bit dramatic. Stress, that is. As far as I’m concerned, sumbangan is reckoned as seikhlas hati seringan jiwa mau memberi.
But when u deliberately makes me look guilty at myself because I responded a bit late to ur request...I called that bull! Just so u know, my company is a bit suspicious over the donation thing. Ur letter got no reference number; informal although u used a letter head; grammars were upside down; u cc to no one not even for filing & u signed the letter on ur behalf. Aren’t u the secretary? I never thought u have the authority to sign a letter for donation request. IF only I can publish the letter here...lucky aku konon teguh berpegang to the work ethics.
Biarlah...we will donate some money. Yang tu niat untuk sedekah but apa yang dia mau buat with the money, it’s up to him. That will be between him & The Almighty. Aku pun pelik konsep sedekah orang zaman millennium ni. From what I’ve read in the book & heard from few ceramah(s), sedekah adalah untuk orang kurang kemampuan. The unfortunate ones. Bukan untuk yang mampu. Lagi pula, di mana saluran hasil sedekah akan sampai pun penting. Kalau sekadar untuk suka2 pun dikira worthless. Because matlamat sudah ke laut...

Nevermind that as long as the Lord above knows our intention. Therefore, I rest my case now. Still feeling a bit exhausted though. I feel like I was chased by some moron loan shark. Ugh.

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