30 June 2010

6 hours before departing....

Holla all...am now at LCCT together with Jess, Grunge & Rio. Laura went to Kolumpur with Turaks to meet her friends over luncheon. Another 9 hours before we reach the land below the wind. I won't be blogging about the recent trip to Bali with the bffs. Itu kok harus dikemaskini satu persatu, baru lumayan kan.

Semua pun kecapean. Unang & Syl sudah on the way back home. Flight lebih awal dari kami. Cemburu di situ. Whatever it is...we truly had fun while we're in Bali. I feel like going for vac & Bali came in mind once more. Insya Allah after the Beijing trip with the ladies next year. We sure love Bali to bits. The people, the place, the environment, the air...despite the limited time we had. Should have stayed there minimal 5 days...in order to get to know the place better. Akan kembali lagi...itu usah dikhuatiri.

LCCT adalah superbly panas at this moment...mucus melted & I couldn't control the flow. The heat tested my patience. Fever seems to be making their way to my system once again...bringing along its best friend; migraine. Ugh...kepala sudah angin.

I'd just sprayed the thermal spring water on my face...to cease the 'crawling' heat. Bliss. Thanks Jess for the refreshing product. Ok now I need to rest the mind. Mau melihat2 gambar from 6 different camera. Yes harus bersedia untuk muntah darah.

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