14 May 2010

This entry is typed at the KKIA Terminal 2 airport while waiting for the plane to arrived.

Well...here I am at the airport. I was supposed to take off at 1230pm but due to 'bad weather' in Kolumpur, the plane will arrive KK 10minutes late. The AA lady made an announcement just now; flight is rescheduled to 1240pm.

Dot called just now...to make sure that I am coming to Kolumpur for real. Si kawan takut kali dia tunggu shadows jak di KL Sentral nanti. I still feel the excitement up to this moment. Adrenaline rushing all over the veins. Ntah apalah kunun tiba2 jak rasa gini.

Breathtaking view...

The only thing I know right now is that once again the tongol side of me showed itself today. Apparently, that tongolness prefer to show itself to the public rather than being discreet like it used to.

I bloody left my make-up case at home. Which means I will need to buy my face powder, foundation, sponge, eyeliner, mascara etc once I reached Kolumpur. Brilliant lass has I been these past few days. Rasa mau ketuk diri sendiri pun ada. Head banging some more.

As I typed this...something what I called as stok bahan ketawa occurred. I can't help but to laugh my lungs out loud. Will update about it in my next entry.

p/s : I safely arrived Kolumpur last night. Touched down LCCT around 1930hours. And hopped on the Sky Bus to KL Central where Dot waited for me.

With cik Dot soon to be puan Dot

3 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

Bila miss dot nak jd puan dot wey?

Sal said...

sampai juga ke i-city..;p

BibiEr Karim said...

@Anonymous: Sila reveal diri anda please. Baru dpt canang bila dot nak jadi puan. Hahaha.

@Sal:Thanks for visiting. Alhamdulillah, sampai gak ke tmpt indah tu.

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