31 May 2010

Family trip to Kundasang & Ranau was a total blast. I enjoyed myself to the very core. Ayat harus penuh emosi so to show how energized I am right now. Time spent with the family is always something I cherished my whole life. Period.

One thing that will remind me mostly about this trip...

Yes u're looking at the right pic. I vomited out everything I consumed for 2 days; in that yellow plastic bag. Liquefied. Last time I vomited during a trip was like eons ago. I got all dizzy during the trip this time...I shall blame on the unwell body. I've been sick days before the trip remember? Flu pun masih ada sisa baki while I was up there. Harus explain the nausea. Plus, I was the one who drove for all the trips to Kundasang with my ladies . This time around, I was the passenger. Sitting di tengah2 perut c Pregio....manalah ndak kemabukan. Right? I guess I've made a pretty fair justification here. Therefore, I suggested we cut the topic off already.

By the way, I met the munyits last night at Jesselton Point. I had the anak burung as my designated driver. Was too incapable of driving after the long journey. Grunge & Rio had Turaks as the driver as well. Had dinner with them before Syl, Unang & Laura joined us. The big sis was home last Thurs evening. Berabisan sudah dia round KDCA; aramaitii-ing herself. She then asked me to accompany her. She even tries to bribe me with GJ's ice blended mocha...luckily, I didn't buy her bait. But I did take the ice blended offer. Ngeh~~takut sija pingsan ndak kelaratan if I were to follow her to KDCA that night. Seriously, if it wasn't because of Turaks who will be leaving for Kolumpur this Weds I wouldn't be joining them. We rarely get to meet up so I decided to put the unwell being aside...but it's still a big no-no to go out late. Sorry big sis, I will make it up to u some other time. U just have to wait for the flu to subside. And thanks for the ride home...love ya'.

I hit the sack around 1am & woke up pretty early this morning. Headache was gone...but flu still in the system. Suara masih sexay. Yay! Siap spring clean the house, I moved on to laundry. While waiting for it to finish, I made fried meehoon & peria tumis ikan masin for brunch. Because, mother turns fortyseven today so I have to be extra nice to do the houseclean. Walau hakikat memang aku yang selalu shoulder the task.

Happy birthday dearest Madam. I pray for ur healthy & bless life...always.

We didn't do any celebration this year. No cake, no family gathering. Instead, mother chose to go out for a movie with me. Rasa macam hari2 biasa sebab memang selalu went out for movie pun berdua jak. We watched Prince of Persia; in which I rated 9/10.

Before movie, we had dinner at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kg. Baru, Suria Sabah. My review over this place? 1/10. Ok what's with me & numbers lately? Hmm...peduli kan. I feel like playing with numbers right now so; just let me be.

The taste was way different from the original. The one in Kg. Baru is what I mean. Sambal...out. Nasi...out. Sambal adalah rasa keluaran dari tin. Perhaps I expect too much. Tapikan, sudah pegang nama gah gitu haruskah aku expect less? Famous ok nasi lemak Kg. Baru. Kalau ndak, tiadalah dorang kasi tambah 'antarabangsa' tu. And don't make me talk about the service & the crews. Sangat annoying...sangat devastating. Like; bolehkah lodge complain over their rudeness to the management? Bolehnya orang ndak jadi order, supervisor baling menu on the table. That was an ill-mannered being ok. Sampai orang belakang meja tu terkejut. Kalau ada weak heart, mau mati terkujat orang tu aku rasa.

Ok enough with the unsatisfied me. Bersyukurlah cik Err ko dapat juga dine tempat gitu. Walau fried mee aku adalah masin tahap gaban.

Mother had Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong

While for moi...Fried Mee with enormous amount of salt

Lucky enough, their soda bandung met my liking standard. Although ada rasa kemanisan melampau di akhir sipping. Masih mau komplen...adalah dipanah petir ni tau sebab ndak pandai bersyukur. Uhuks.

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