2 January 2010

From KotaKinabalu to Bandung

This trip was really a trip that I will never be able to erase from my memory...for the rest of my life. It was truly an impromptu plan to Bandung as far as I could remember. I was chatting with one of my junior during high school Imot; who was at that time attending Medic School in Bandung when this whole idea of visiting her came up out of nowhere. Next thing I knew, I was already busy saving up for the trip. I bought the tickets during the promotion season & yeah, I got one helluva fare for a return ticket. 

My FIRST SOLO trip. All alone all the way from Kota Kinabalu-Kolumpur-Bandung. And I arrived Bandung on the first day of Ramadhan. But menses decided to accompanied me during my visit hence I didn't get the chance to experience fasting there. Rugi!

I stayed at Imot's place in Cipaganti. As it was already near dusk when I landed & Imot had to break her fast...we went to the mall nearby her kosan (in Indonesian means Rumah Kos Khusus untuk Mahasiswa/Mahasiswi Universitas) a.k.a rented house. Paris van Java, one of the infamous mall in Bandung is just a walking distant from Imot's place. We took the angkot; the green no-door public transportation to the mall to save time. And it was my first time as well riding on it...u just have to shout "Kiri...kiri" to tell the driver to stop at ur destination. U may need to raise ur voice a bit in order to be heard as the traffic is quite loud there. Yup, from what I saw I think everything in Bandung is in 'fast lane'. 
Mall for the 'affordable' class; as I see it. More or so macam mall di Kolumpur; perhaps a bit grander & big. 

The first restaurant I crashed upon arrival. Breaking of fast was on me...treat the hostess who susah payah rush from school to the airport just to make sure she arrived there before I landed. 

First meal & I forgot the name. Aduh sia2. Too heavy for someone who wasn't even fasting during the day, yes? That ice-y drink on the left belong to Imot; chop. Aku ndak kebulur sampai order 2 drinks ok.
Imot...gambar time masih mahasiswi. Sekarang sudah jadi doktor sebenar. Ndak lama lagi bakal naik pelamin.
What we called...dapur live!
One of the cinema inside the PVJ.
Outside the mall. Gila smart macam dalam movie orang putih wa cakap luuu.
Few of the artwork of their local. But in the mall standard lah kan mark up price double triple. Managed to grab few very interesting t-shirts with superb wordings here. 
After PVJ, took a cab to Cihampelas Walk or also known as CiWalk by the local. We toured Ciwalk by foot because it is good for exercise after taking ur meal...so the then future-doctor said. Aku rakyat jelata menurut perintah jak la.
Entrance to this mall sangat mentaksubkan...but no picture of it because it was too dark it's impossible for me to take picture of the ala-hutan entrance. Lagian laluan itu sedang direnovasi lagi.
View from the open space outside the mall.
I was too busy awing around I forgot to ask Imot to take my picture. Lucky I found this vain picture somewhere in my Bandung 2008 folder. Macam dalam Sinma or Cindy pun ada kan. Lantaklah...

Imot also took me to the famous Jeans Street. Sepanjang jalan ni memang muntah darah lah meninguk karakter kartun kiri kanan. It's like the cartoon character is the symbol for the shop. Memang meriah. Erk, please ignore pose si Spiderman ni ya. Memang ndak senonoh...berkangkang kera dia di situ. Cuba teka dia ni lelaki ka perempuan. tettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!

Ok enough with my first evening in Bandung. Will continue later with more stories about this trip. Insya Allah.


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