6 August 2018

Random: Me Reminiscing the Rajin Phase

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

Annnnd it took me almost 9 freaking months to summoned my hormone R. Bravo Bie for the extremely long hiatus. *clap clap clap* 

I just realized I only have 15 entries in 2016; which all of them are about my trip to Turkey. Managed to forced the super lazy me to get back on track November last year...dan terhasil lah 3 entri belas kasihan terhadap diri sendiri. Syukurlah dari tiada, kan? Gitu lah ayat penyedap hati seketul Miss BibiErr. Sobs.

I do missed babbling in here; I honestly do. *tangan di dada* Maybe it's simply because I haven't find the right timing (or perhaps; right feeling) to update this beloved page of mine. Every time idea mencurah dalam kepala, it's either I was too occupied with work or I was just too lazy to jot them down. But yeah, most of the time the latter is actually the real reason. 

Tried few times composing, and I ended up saving them in draft folder instead of clicking the publish tab. Phew. I guess I just need to try harder and rajin-er. I really wish I'll be able to update this blog regularly. Like in the past. 

Well, at least there's an entry a week. Would I be able to do & maintain that? Gah! I guess this is  merely too much to expect from someone who obviously is struggling to find the momentum to write again. Pelan-pelan kayuh lah kan orang bilang. Biar lambat, asalkan maintain steady. 

Insha Allah. I'll get back to my rajin-phase soon. Gotta keep the passion flaring. Tu dia!



den dyen said...

a'a, lama diam, hihi..

Bibie Karim said...

@DD hahahaha nak mencari momentum sesuai tapi x kunjung tiba.