16 October 2014

CutiCuti: Japan - Taiyo Hotel, Osaka

Property: Taiyo Hotel, Osaka
Date:  10 April - 11 April 2014 (2 nights)
Price: 2,100 Yen/night & 4,200 Yen/night
Room Type: Single Room & Twin Room (no breakfast)

Booked via agoda.com
Direction to the hotel is attached in the website. Click the link (here) for more info. 

The hotel entrance.
Reception counter. The staffs speak pretty good English so we have no problem checking in. 
Common area. 
Dining area. Hot & cold water is available for free. This is located at the lobby level.
Lobby level. 200 Yen to use the washing machine & 100 Yen for dryer.
Next to the laundry is this dressing area.
Here's the 'challenge' for the hotel guests (apparently not for Yours Truly as I found this concept kinda cute). The private showers (accessible 24 hours) are located at the same level as the reception counter, dining, laundry & dressing area. We stayed at the 5th Floor. So yeah, every time we wanna take our bath...we have to go down to the lobby. Surprisingly, there was never a long queue despite having only 2 shower rooms available in the hotel.
Apart from the private shower rooms, the hotel also has a Japanese style public bath (onsen). It is located next to the laundry-dressing-private showers area. This public bath is scheduled for each gender. 
I was pretty intrigued to try this but ended up not having the chance to try at all. We went back from the town quite late throughout our stays there. Furthermore this public bath is only open after 4pm. The ladies could only use it from 9pm to 1150pm onwards. 

Toilets (unisex) are provided at each floor. Ladies Only toilet are available at 2nd, 4th & 6th Floor (Ladies Only Floor). Western style toilet (with bidet) is located at the 6th Floor.
Single room (Western Style). I stayed here for a night & joined Ms G on the 2nd night as Ms H went back a day earlier than us. 
Room amenities: Face towel, toothbrush & toothpaste. And a yukata. To have that Japanese feeling, I wear it when I go shower. Walau ndak sempat mandi di public bath tu. 
The Japanese Style Room (Twin). I would really love to stay at this kinda room. Tatami floor room as the Japanese called it.
Unfortunately due to our ever-changing itinerary, I missed the chance to book the room. The only rooms available are the Western Style. Hence the reason I booked for 2 twin rooms & one single room for the 5 of us. There is no triple room for the Western Style room. 

Apart from having to go down all the way to the lobby just to bath, I don't have any complain throughout our stay here. In fact, I don't really mind about the 'have to go down to the lobby to bath' thingy. Whats more important is the cheap price. For a single room, the rate offered is quite a bargain. For me that is. 

Wifi connection is super fast because each floor has its own modem (different password). Air conditioner/heater works well. Nice & helpful staffs. Complete basic amenities i.e hot/cold water, microwave, vending machines, desktops.

Thanks to John because I found out about this hotel from his blog. 

And thanks to Jari Manis for the 'Page tab tutorial'. If it wasn't for the tutorial, I wouldn't have the page tab i.e Supertapaki, Accommodation added to my blog. Also, I would have not noticed that I haven't put up a review entry for this hotel. 

Thanks for sharing beneficial entries u both!



Suraya I. said...

bc entry sis ni buat kite terpikir lagi.. - bilelah nk smpi jepun niiii >.< tsk!

Miss Nazla said...

aaaaaaa cute kah kena turun downstairs pergi mandi. nak pergi toilet tgh malam juga different floor with the room. haha gilaaaaaaaaa. aku tak pnah hadapi ini lagi. harus aku cuba nnt

Azra said...

Aku still cannot grab the idea of having to mandi sesambil duduk atas stool

Anonymous said...

waaah bilik yang tilam dua tu tempting nya. macam so traditional hihi.. and yep Kak Bibie.. public bath tu macam menarik.. its like aaa you and i mandi together gether gitu bahahha..


Sila lah sila pergi dengan cepat. Korean Air ada route to Japan kan. Ppalli!


Cute ah turun bawah untuk mandi semata. Toilet ada kat tiap floor so kalau nak terkucil tengah malam, no problemo.


Aku imagine je mandi sambil berkemban kat tepi sungai. Xpun imagine masa zaman study dulu, time xde air so mandi berjemaah kat kolah. Huhu.


Teringin nak try sebab ala ondol room gitu. Tapi dah try masa duk Kyoto aritu. Hihi mandi together2 tapi x campoq jantina please.

John | Kaki Berangan said...

Eh saya pun stay sini la... Wlpn luar nmpk huduh tp dlm dia blh dikatakan bagus dan murahhhhhh yg penting dpt pakai yukata tu :)))


Haha dah kredit untuk ko, aku dapat info pasal hotel ni pun dari blog ko. Pakai Yukata memang feeling Japanese kejap kan.

Suraya I. said...

ade but kne transit korea dlu la kalo naik korean air~ unless kalo ambik mas bole direct la. haha sambil mnyelam minum air. alang2 g jepun singgah korea trus kan >.<


Perlu la singgah. Dah alang2 pun. Kalau sis rasanya lagi lama kat Korea kot dari Jepun. Hihi.