20 September 2014

CutiCuti: Thailand - Lub'd Hostel Silom, Bangkok

Property: Lub'd Silom, Bangkok
Date:  29 June 2014 (1 night)
Price: 450 Baht/person (~RM 45.00)
Room Type: 8-beds Female Dormitory

Booked via booking.com (non refundable).
Our dorm; Sathorn 2.

The top level (L4) is where all the ladies dorms are located. This level is strictly for women only. 
Natural lighting from the transparent roof. Exercise performed early in the morning, descending the stairs to reach the lobby area. 
Breakfast is not included in the rate. But there's a bar near the reception counter. The guest can buy their breakfast meal at a reasonable price. 
Area to dine or just to mingle around. 
We were pretty tired after our dinner at a restaurant near the hostel & having arrived late in the evening  had decreased our energy more. Hence we decided to called the night off; early. We missed the opportunity to mingle with the other guest as we departed for Hua Hin quite early the next morning as well. Lucky sempat say hi to our fellow dormmates. 
Ruang santai at our dorm. Spacious enough to performed ur prayer here (for Muslim). 

Cerita Bingai: Next to this space is a glass door. We can see the corridor from inside the dorm. When Ms G went to take her bath, I was all alone in the dorm. Imagining stupid things in my head. 
"What if suddenly Ju On enters through the glass door. Or one of those famous Thai ghost muncul from the ceiling?"
Ok bye perangai bongok!
View across our bunk bed. And as usual, the brilliant me didn't take the picture of the whole dorm. *clap clap* 
Bathroom (female). Separated shower & toilet.
Courtesy of the hostel for the guest. Some are donated by the guest. KEEP means "u can use these BUT don't take the compartments with u". Common sense lah kan, ndak kan dengan bekas sekali mau hangkut. Tapi wujud ok orang macam tu.
They provide shampoo & bath foam at each shower room. Memahami jiwa traveller yang malas bawa benda alah ni semua. *pointing all fingers to myself* 
Few halal restaurants nearby the hostel. They're just walking distance away.
1. Deen Restaurant
# My friend Lady Dreamer (here) wrote a review about this restaurant in her blog. Apart from the direction given by her, u can also reach this restaurant by alighting at Chong Nonsi (Silom Line). It closes at 9pm.
2. Indian Vegetarian Restaurant
# We had our dinner here on our first night in Bangkok. My plan to dine at Deen got cancelled as we arrived a bit late that night. We happened to find this restaurant by chance. 
3. Dubai Restaurant
# Located right at the junction heading to the hostel. As it was fasting month when we were there, this restaurant close early. We only came to know about this the next day on our way to Chong Nonsi station.
Overall, I'm quite satisfied with this hostel. Checking-in & checking-out is pretty convenient. No hustle bustle. Friendly staff & they speak good English. Love their concept! If u're planning to go to Bangkok; please go checkout their website (here)  for more information. 

If given the opportunity to go to Bangkok again, I would love to try thier other branches. 



John | Kaki Berangan said...

aku suka konsep hostel macam ni. rasa mcm lain skit vibe dia. hispters? ahaks.

Norharyani Sanusi said...

Cantik plak hostel ni tau..

DJ said...

Cun la ini hostel...tang citer antu tu aku pun suka gk imagine...aku ada pnh dgr cite psl hntu duk kt kerusi dlm bilik hotel..jd smpi skng, klo hotel ada kerusi, pas tutup lmpu ker, aku terus pndg kerusi byg bkn2!hahaha bongok.

Bibie Karim said...

Aah memang. Baru tengok kat web pun aku dah suka. Hipsters eh kategori tu hahaha.

Bibie Karim said...

Memang cantik. Aku mau try lagi stay branch lain.

Bibie Karim said...

Memang cun. Aku suka konsep dia. Toilet pun luas & bersih. Cuma tang xde paip air kat toilet tu memang mengundang haha.

Kenapa perangai sama tang citer hantu tu. Aku pun suka tengok lelama pastu imagine ntah pape. Then malam tu seriau nak tidur. Choii sangat.

Farikica said...

Murah...hehe...design pon lawa. ..tmpt mkn pon mudah. Tu yg penting tu...hehe

Lady Dreamer said...

Actually, aku malu sebab tak bagi detail direction pun ke Deen rest tu. Ko punya map lagi helpful :)
Nice hostel lah, thanks for the info Bie..

Bibie Karim said...

Masa tengok harga tu macam...biar betul RM45 je? Ceh sebab selama ni duk dorm pun koman2 dappt RM50+ kan. Dekat hostel ni ada masjid gak tapi xsempat ronda pun sebab duk semalam je.

Bibie Karim said...

Hihi xpe kira adil lah. Aku ada direction, ko ada review. Ada gambar dalam kedai, penting tu untuk orang macam aku. Need to picture tempat tu prior coming. Ambil feel katanye.