10 June 2014

CutiCuti: Japan - Sparkling Dolphins Inn, Kyoto

Property: Sparkling Dolphins Inn, Kyoto
Date:  9 April, 2014 (1 night)
Price: 4,500Yen/person (~RM 150.00)
Room Type: Japanese-type Room for 5 persons

Booked via booking.com

Just for the record, I saw no dolphins here! Ngek.

Kyoto Station ---> via subway Karasuma Line ---> Kujo-dori Station (the 2nd stop)

To those with big/heavy luggage(s), please take Exit #4 as the escalator is located near the exit. 
The main door. The hostel's entry is a bit narrow so it was quite a challenge for us five to entered at once. 
This hostel set rules that no shoes are allowed inside. Guests have to take off their shoes before entering & leave them at the shoe racks. No worries as the hostel provide slippers. 
Basic kitchen utensils & equipments; checked.
Where we made our dinner. 
Wooden table at the reception-cum-lounge area. The white wall behind us is the dormitory. And behind Ms G is the communal area. 
Be considerate towards other guests specially those staying at the dormitory as it is located at the same level with the kitchen & reception. Slow down ur voice please. 
Just opposite the lounge & dormitory are the washer-and-dryer area. I forgot how much the rate is but both services aren't free. U have to pay for a minimal fee to use them.
Dormitory is not en-suite with bathroom. Sinks are located next to the washing area & bathroom is at the same level. 
Thank God this hostel has lift. Else we have to carry our anak gajah(s) up to Level 5 where our room is located. 
To be honest, I was a bit scary walking along this corridor when we first arrived that night. But I kept my mouth shut for I know there's someone among us who is triple more coward than me! Seriously. It was rather dark & the lighting was a bit dimmed. Perfect combination to start my wild imagination of Sadako who suddenly appears out of no where. Ok please ignore random stupid thoughts as such. Buang dalam longkang. 
Took this the next morning. Emergency staircase right in front of our room. See? Imagine the view at night. No bright light as this is the back alley. How can I not think of scary things?
Room with tatami flooring plus a corridor. Super like! No trolley bags are allowed to enter the room as the wheels might damage the floor. 
En-suite toilet for our room. But unfortunately no bidet system this time. 
Separate private bathroom. The bath tub & wall are PVCs! Yes aku adalah wow non stop. Water heater worked well.
Next to the sink is an area where we can hang our jackets & put our bags. Good thing as we don't have to cramped the room with our bags. 
For a touristy area like Kyoto, it is kinda hard to find a hostel that offers cheap rate like this Sparkling Dolphins Inn does. The place is not perfect but the price is excellent. Location is another bonus as it is 10-15 minutes walking from Kyoto Station. And 5 minutes walking from the subway station. 

Having say this, if u arrived earlier than the check-in time u could easily drop ur bags at the reception & start exploring Kyoto. 

The room is clean when we entered. As well as the futon beds, toilet & bathroom. A small TV is provided but that isn't my concern at all. I just needed a place to sleep. That's my utmost priority. Apart from the quite corridor & lift, I recommended this hostel for its reasonable rate & location. Including the basic facilities it offers.


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15 hollered!:

Samsiah mohd yusof said...

Sila mention lif setakat 120 kg sahaja ..pfftttt...

Samsiah mohd yusof said...

Sila mention lif setakat 120 kg sahaja ..pfftttt...

Bibie Karim said...

Haaaaaaaaa ambik ko! Sekali dua dia hantar komen. Sakit perut gelak pepagi ni. Xlama mesti migraine plak datang. LOL LOL. Teringat ke kejadian lift tolak keluar. Lawak sungguh! Kejam sangat kan lift tu.

Jari Manis said...

RM150 per person..so agak mahal dari harga Claiton Hotel Shin Osaka yg JM stay..RM101 per person per night tapi yagn best nyer stay kat hostel ni boleh masak2 kan sbb ada kitchen. Best stay kat hostel ni kalau ramai2 satu group/satu geng..bilik tu kita yg punya

Samsiah mohd yusof said...

mencikkkk tau...!!


Musim lain ebih kurang harga hotel JM je tapi naik sebab masa tu spring season. Plus diorang dah apply gst as of April. Huhu. Tu pasal suka duk hostel, bole berjimba secara berjemaah dalam bilik. Lagi best if ada kitchen kat dalam. Dasar kan.


Sila terima keadaan.

DJ said...

Sadako sape?aku ingt nma tu bdk yg kna bom atom kt hiroshima je...huhu klo aku mesti byg citer juon...choi btol...hahaha


Sadako tu sedar JuOn juga. Rambut juntai depan, dia kuar dari perigi. Merayap sometimes berjalan. Pastu sape tengok video dia, akan mati. Selalunya dia akan keluar through tv tu untuk cekik ko. Huhuhu macamana xgerun aku lalu corridor tu wei.

Malicious Mind said...

bilik dia punya classic. ya macam dalam wayang hantu ni.


Classic gila. Woven-straw kinda floor gitu. Tapi memang macam dalam wayang hantu. Siap tu lampu dimmed gila ah. Huwaaa.

mrs.smile said...

best bilik dia! syoknya golek-golek disitu


Memang best. Luas pula tu. Even dah bentang toto, still boleh bergolek2. Sebab beg xmasuk kot tu yang boleh bergolek2.

CT Humairah said...

waaaaaa japanese style sangat tempat tidur tuh..
tebal tilam tuh geguling mesti besh..


Memang best gila tidur atas futon tu. Selesa, gebu lak. Sibaik pagi tu kena bertolak awal. Kalau x memang hanyut dibuai mimpi je gamaknye.

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